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About Us

For over 15 years, NGC has been revolutionizing the world of gift cards and payments.

Our Story

NGC is the world’s largest, independently owned gift card company exclusively serving the B2B loyalty, rewards, and incentive marketplace. Operating out of its 92,000 sq. ft. fulfillment center, its gift card operational experts, strategic partnership agency team, and one-of-kind technology integrations source and deliver gift cards from over 500 brands both physically and digitally across the United States and Canada, using the industry’s highest levels of security, quality, and speed.

Some of the world’s largest financial institutions, health care providers, insurance and telecommunications companies, and more trust NGC with the management of their gift card fulfillment and sourcing. But NGC supports clients of all sizes, as our mission to make gift card fulfillment easy resonates with many buyers.

Our Mission

We empower clients to do what they do best by doing what we do best - and that’s securely source, house, and fulfill gift cards for loyalty, rewards, incentive, and other programs.

Whether it’s in bulk or individually, digital or plastic, in the US and Canada, we are thankful that many organizations use us as the trusted partner for their gift card and prepaid solutions and fulfillment. We know we’re succeeding when our clients tell us, 'NGC gives me peace of mind that I can execute my gift card program with confidence.'

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Why NGC?

  1. Plastic and Digital Gift Cards: NGC can support both plastic and digital fulfillment options with one integration.
  2. Turn-Around Times: NGC can fulfill orders in real-time for digital eGifting through its API and with more speed and accuracy on physical orders than the industry standards.
  3. Service Options: From bulk ordering to individual fulfillment to digital delivery in real-time via our gift card API, NGC offers the industry’s largest gift card service offering.
  4. All Under One Roof: From our account team to our customer service department to the operations staff to our Executive Team, you’ll find us all in Crystal Lake, IL. Because of this, NGC is the one-stop-shop for gift card sourcing and fulfillment for its clients.
  5. Brand Catalog Choice: We have over 500 merchant brands in our catalog which you can order for bulk or individual fulfillment across either physical or digital channels

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