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Partner Services

Gift Card Services for Merchants

In addition to providing gift card api and physical fulfillment services for our corporate and non-profit customers in the loyalty, rewards, incentive, and consumer markets, NGC also works closely with 500 national merchant brands in the US and Canada to provide an array of branded currency technology solutions including:

  • B2B eCommerce gift card platforms
  • B2C eCommerce gift card platforms
  • Gift Card fulfillment for both corporate and consumer customers
  • Gift Card sourcing for a merchant’s employee programs
  • Inclusion in NGC’s gift card api, bulk gift card ordering portal, and physical fulfillment platforms used thousands of NGC’s business clients’ programs.
  • And more.

When working with our merchant brand partners, we know running a gift card program is not easy.

NGC’s role is to make all aspects of running a gift card program easy. Whether the merchant is looking for twenty first century gift card technology, a robust B2B or B2C gift card ecommerce platform, sales support, marketing services or customer service – NGC is the partner of choice.

Just some of the gift card partner services that NGC supports include:

Gift Card Mobile Technology

Staying ahead of the competition is easy with NGC’s mobile gift card solutions that can be delivered in a native mobile application, through a SDK, or as a stand-alone mobile optimized website. We do not believe in a one size fits all model. Each mobile app or mobile optimized desktop interface is built with your customer and the desired experience in mind, specific to your brand. With its nimble, mobile technology gift card solution, NGC’s speed, quality, and price to market is unmatched.

Mobile features include:

  • Encourage consumers to use a merchant’s own branded currency as payment at POS
  • Transaction support for denominations and load value down to the penny
  • Native app, SDK, or stand-alone web variations
  • Self-use and Gifting options
  • Multi-Currency, Flexible Payment Options
  • KYC Checks and Balances

Gift Card B2C and B2C eCommerce Platforms

NGC offers a cutting edge, customizable, ecommerce platform for merchants to sell their gift cards to both consumers and businesses, both of which can be tailored with a variety of customizable features. We do not believe in a one size fits all model. Each user interface is built with your customer and the desired experience in mind, specific to your brand. Again, with a nimble technology tech, NGC’s speed to market is industry leading.

The gift card eCommerce Platforms allow a merchant’s customers to purchase gift cards instantly for self-use, deliver to a loved one as a quick gifting option, or give the gift of choice by offering a gift card mall with non-competing brands.

  • Key features include:
  • Physical and Digital gift card sales
  • Multi-Currency, Flexible Payment Options
  • KYC Checks and Balances
  • Fraud Control
  • SEO and Mobile Optimized
  • Administrative Reporting Access
  • Automated Marketing and Promotions
  • Customer Service
  • And more

Because NGC is already integrated with the most merchant processors (and self-processors), plugging into NGC’s eCommerce engine to enhance a brand’s B2B and B2C gift card experience is easy.

Gift Card Fulfillment Options

By allowing the experts at NGC to handle gift card fulfillment, merchants be can rest assured the right card will get to the right customer in a timely manner. We have over 75 dedicated employees in our 92,000 square foot gift card focused fulfillment center ready to assist with order entry, order set-up, customer invoicing, payments collection, card activations and fulfillment.

NGC offers two types of fulfillment for physical and digital gift cards:

  1. Bulk Fulfillment – from 1 card to 1,000,000 cards, we can facilitate bulk orders of any size to your corporate buyers with turnaround times as quick as same day.
  2. Individual Fulfillment – we’ll ship physical or egift cards directly to your customer on your behalf. Just send us a list of the recipients, the card they’ve selected and trust our team to fulfill with a 99.996% accuracy rate.

Gift Card Program Sales Support

With over 15 years as the industry’s leader in gift card fulfillment, NGC is connected to the largest B2B buyers representing the country’s largest loyalty, reward and incentive programs. If you are short on time for finding new business, tap into NGC’s sales team that can ensure visibility of your brand with thousands of corporate and non-profit programs. We’ll use our deep connections to search outside of our existing customers and find unique opportunities that are sure to increase your gift card program revenue.

Fraud got you down? NGC uses a 20-step vetting process to verify that new clients are the people you want to be doing business with. This sales qualification process protects you and your brand from placing your card in less than desirable programs.

Customer Service

NGC employs an in-house customer service team that can be utilized to support your gift card program. From toll-free number support on incoming leads from your B2B gift card ordering page to coordination on customer service issues such as package tracking or block & replace requests, we're here to take the load of daily inquiries and questions off your plate. This allows you to focus time to grow your gift card program while we take care of the day-to-day noise.

Marketing Services

Looking to increase exposure for your brand? NGC’s MarketDirect program allows our Retail Partners to increase brand exposure and stay top of mind with prominent clients.
MarketDirect can help save time and company resources by enhancing your gift card sales through:

  • eNewsletters
  • NGC Websites
  • Social Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Tradeshows
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Content Sponsorship

Brands that advertise with NGC for the first time, on average, see a 327% increase in annual sales.

Contact us today and ask about the gift card solution that’s right for you.

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