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Celebrate Earth Day - One and All

April 18, 2019

It was on April 22, 1970 that the very first Earth Day was celebrated, an event where millions of people took to the streets in protest over what organizers referred to as “the negative effects of 150 years of industrial development.”

Here we are now in 2019, nearly 50 years since the first Earth Day. While a lot has changed, many would argue that the changes haven’t been nearly enough. But still we try. With Earth Day coming up, how cool would it be to remind someone in your organization or beyond—perhaps a customer or a family member—that it takes everyone’s individual acts to make a sustainable difference.

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National Gift Card (NGC) acquires digital payments technology and fundraising company, Benefit Mobile 

February 28, 2019

Strategic merger between leading physical and digital gift card fulfillment provider and technology-forward digital payments and fundraising platform creates company with the ability to revolutionize the branded currency and gift card industry

CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill., Feb. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- National Gift Card (NGC), one of North America's largest and most trusted gift card solutions providers, announced today that it has acquired Benefit Mobile, a fast-growing digital payments and fundraising company based in Chicago, IL. The acquisition places NGC in a position to provide its broad customer base and strategic partners with enhanced digital services and gift card technology.

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Showing (Cost-Effective) Appreciation

February 26, 2019

Expressing appreciation for the people on your team should really be an “everyday” task.

But for those of us who need the reminder, we thankfully have Employee Appreciation Day (March 1) to at least make sure we extend our gratitude for those who make the good work our organizations accomplish.

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Revive New Year's Resolutions with Rewards

February 21, 2019

Remember just a few weeks ago when you (perhaps once again) set those New Year’s resolutions to take better care of yourself by eating well, exercising and generally set aside those bad habits?

It may seem like ancient history, but there’s still time for those good intentions to be revived, not only for yourself but also for the employees who make your business possible in the first place. Encouraging employees to “reset” the calendar and embrace those wellness-related resolutions could be as simple as making the decision to start again.

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Show You Care this Valentine's Week

February 08, 2019

If you've got "someone special," chances are you will take the time to express your feelings on Valentine's Day.  But what about showing a little love to the people with whom you may be spending even more time with?

While Valentine's Day may be typically reserved for relationships that are a little more amorous, there's still an opportunity to extend those feelings to employees who have contributed extraordinary value and effort.

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