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New National Gift Card Print Software Tool Expands Design, Increases Quality and Speeds Delivery

NGC Innovation Complements Growing Technological Capabilities in Gift Card Industry

CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill., June 1, 2018 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- National Gift Card Corp. (NGC), one of North America's largest, independently-owned gift card companies serving the B2B loyalty, rewards and incentive marketplace with over 500 physical and digital brands across the U.S., Canada, UK and Europe, has developed a proprietary Print Software Tool that streamlines the production process of custom gift card carriers, while offering more dynamic design capabilities.

According to VP of Operations William Homer, the new tool was designed, built, and tested in 2017 and put into full production earlier this year.

"We saw an immediate return on our efforts as the new gift card carrier tool allowed for better quality control and a much higher throughput on our card affixing equipment. Plus, the time from design to production-ready carriers was cut in half," he said.

He explained that NGC's Print Software Tool also allows for greater integrity of client assets and layout from permission control settings to predefined workflows, which log detailed interactions with each gift card carrier and have steps in place for Work in Progress, Pending Approval and Approved statuses. "The Print Application allows for many new features, including dynamic variable messaging, a capability often requested by clients who want personalization incorporated into the gift card reward fulfillment experience for each end user," he said.

The new Print Software Tool is a perfect match for some of the fastest and quality-focused card affixing and mail insertion equipment in North America at NGC.

"The combination of our machines, NGC's gift card API and now our custom gift card carrier capabilities via the new Print Software Tool is definitely setting the gold standard for B2B gift card sourcing and fulfillment," says Eric Thiegs, president of National Gift Card. "We bring the all-important aspects of security, quality, and capacity, along with our 500+ merchant gift cards and prepaid open loop products available across the world, to help decision makers in the rewards, loyalty, and incentive markets know their physical and digital gift card rewards are being quickly, safely and accurately fulfilled to their unique specifications."

About National Gift Card Corp.: NGC operates across the U.S. and Canada. NGC also operates in the United Kingdom and across Europe as NGC Corp. Europe, Ltd. NGC is headquartered in Illinois. To learn more about NGC, visit http://www.ngc-group.com or call +1.888.472.8747

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