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National Gift Card Implements First Gift Card Sequencer Machine of Its Kind in the World

NGC Enhances Gift Card Fulfillment Automation Systems for the B2B Loyalty, Rewards, and Incentive Market with Technology Investment

CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill., July 27, 2017 – National Gift Card Corp. (NGC), a leading B2B digital and physical gift card solution and fulfillment provider with more than 2,000 U.S., Canadian and European corporate clients, has purchased two new gift card fulfillment machines from Kern International Inc., the American subsidiary of the Swiss-based manufacturer of the fastest card attaching and mail insertion equipment in the world.

“The investment in this technology gives us the quantifiable speed and accuracy that keeps us on point with our mission of being ‘Best in Class’ in the gift card industry,” said NGC CEO Adam Van Witzenburg.

One of the new machines is the first of its kind Kern K-91CS gift card sequencer, which sorts and arranges the cards for the K91 insertion machine, maintaining validation of the programmed card sequence throughout the process. This technology will increase NGC’s capacity, scalability and accuracy for physical gift card fulfillment to the highest level in the B2B gift card market.

The second acquisition is the Kern K91 system that tracks each gift card and matches it to a customized carrier. The carrier is a letter which contains the end user’s address, program branding, custom messaging, and other pertinent information that allows for custom physical gift card fulfillment. The K91 then inserts the carrier into an envelope, seals the mailer, and stacks the mailers to maximize speed and accuracy of the card delivery to the end customer.

NGC already operates two Kern K-91 machines in-house. The addition of another K-91 and the new K-91CS will exponentially increase NGC’s throughput and accuracy, making it the most automated gift card fulfillment center in North America. Kern built the new, prototypical K-91CS card sequencer specifically for NGC, integrating its engineering and design teams to develop the machine’s process specifications to NGC’s requirements.

This technology investment gives NGC an unprecedented ability to deliver customers’ campaigns with increased speed, accuracy, and end-to-end validation. Customers will have increased confidence that the correct gift card is going to the right recipient.

“The combination of our four Kern machines, NGC’s gift card API and NGC’s gift card fulfillment platform is setting the gold standard for B2B gift card sourcing and fulfillment,” says Eric Thiegs, President of National Gift Card. “We bring the all-important aspects of security, quality, and capacity, along with over 400 international merchant gift cards and prepaid open loop products, to help decision makers in the rewards, loyalty, and incentive markets sleep well at night knowing their gift card rewards are being fulfilled to the highest standards with the broadest brand selection.”

NGC Senior Vice President of Operations, Bill St. Clair added, “With all our gift card machines running, National Gift Card will be able to fulfill gift cards on customized reward carriers at a capacity and accuracy level that’s best in class in the B2B gift card industry.”

About National Gift Card Corp.: National Gift Card Corp. (NGC) is the leading marketer and supplier of gift cards for use in loyalty, incentive and rewards programs. The agency offers a wide variety of retail, restaurant and prepaid cards along with secure online ordering, distribution, fulfillment services, a Gift Card API and customized programs designed to reach each client’s specific objectives. NGC continues to develop innovative technology solutions and delivers the best value to its customers. NGC operates across the U.S. and Canada. NGC also operates in the United Kingdom and across Europe as NGC Corp. Europe, Ltd. NGC is headquartered in Illinois. To learn more about NGC, visit http://www.ngc-group.com or call +1.888.472.8747.

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