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Great Culture

We believe that everyone needs to know how the business is performing. We meet weekly as a company to share business and department news, and allow team members to ask questions on leadership updates. NGC team members love what they do and are united in having fun while they do it. We integrate work and life with a balanced approach. We value each person’s health and happiness. And, of course, we respect and appreciate our families and guests.

NGC Benefits & Perks

Standard benefits like health, dental and eye insurance form the foundation of NGC’s benefit package, which also includes access to benefits such as 401K and Employee Assistance Programs. However, sometimes it’s the extra perks that make work fun. At NGC, this includes complimentary beverages such as coffee and soda, health and wellness activities, free Friday lunches and overtime opportunities.

Growing Company

NGC is consistently improving and creating new technology to better support gift card programs for organizations of every size—from multinational corporations to small businesses and national brands. In November 2018, NGC acquired Benefit Mobile, and in January 2020, NGC augmented its software tech team by establishing a separate technology office in Michigan.


As one of the world’s fastest growing companies in the gift card and prepaid marketplace, NGC constantly searches for opportunities to strengthen its innovative technology solutions and world-class service as it revolutionizes the world of gift cards and branded currency.


NGC takes great pride in the talents of every employee. Individual achievements as well as team performance are regularly recognized and celebrated for contributions that go above and beyond.


NGC operates the largest, most automated gift card fulfillment facility and technology center in North America from a 92,000 sq. ft. headquarters located in Crystal Lake, Illinois. It also operates a satellite technology office in Holland, MI.

Our Mission

To provide secure, innovative gift card technology solutions and world-class service to connect brands with the corporate & consumer market place.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the way brands interact with consumers by redefining gift cards

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