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How Do Incentives Impact Your Direct Mail?

In the Feb. 2011 issue of USPS Deliver Magazine, Jason Abrahams, Marketing Director for National Gift Card, answers the question, "How do incentives impact your direct mail?"

"My company, National Gift Card, undertook a direct mail campaign as part of a pre-event promotion for a trade show earlier this year. Nearly 1,200 deactivated gift cards were mailed to preregistered attendees as part of the campaign titled “Get Activated!” Attendees were encouraged to bring the gift card to our trade show booth for activation and discussion. Approximately 15 percent, well above typical response rate averages, answered the “Get Activated!” call to action, generating additional new business opportunities. The direct mail campaign, which combined a gift card incentive with a specific call to action, allowed National Gift Card to fully track and measure the program’s ROI." So how do incentives impact your direct mail marketing? What type of incentive to action items have you found to work best?

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