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NGC Joins Industry Voice with 2 Incentive Board Slots

Two leaders from NGC, the leading gift card fulfillment agency with 2,000 corporate clients and more than 450+ gift card options for use in the U.S., Canada and Europe, just secured positions on two influential incentive industry boards: the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) and the Incentive Gift Card Council (IGCC), a Strategic Industry Group within the IMA.   The two groups are longstanding influencers in the $76.9 -billion incentive market that includes $54.4 billion spent on merchandise and gift cards, and $22.5 billion spent on travel incentives each year. 

Executive Vice President of Sales Rick Rubin, who focuses on incentive houses, the banking industry, loyalty/reward agencies and sits on the executive team for NGC, brings 20 years of experience in the stored value and gift card industry to the 20 member IMA board.

Commenting on his new role Rubin said, "I am looking forward to applying my five years in B2C and nine years in B2B experience to help further IMA's service to members and promote its growth in the incentive marketplace."

IMA President Sean Roark, CPIM, had this to say about Rubin's new membership on the board.

"Rick is an industry thought leader, and I am delighted that he has committed his time and talent by joining the IMA Board of Directors.  He's a model of what we are looking for in an IMA Board member: someone who is a powerhouse in his focus market, the gift card industry, but who also supports spreading our message of the efficacy and reliability of properly planned incentive programs."

At the same time that Rubin joins the IMA board, NGC Director of Strategic Partnerships Ashley Harris, who is responsible for creating strategic development plans for NGC's merchant partner brands and identifying key growth initiatives for its retail partner network, joins the IGCC board as director-at-large with more than five years of gift card industry experience under her belt.  Beginning this month, Harris is to assist the IMA "Strategic Industry Group" with its education efforts about industry trends of interest to all segments of the incentive industry group.

"I am excited to be involved in a proactive role to help raise awareness and help educate colleagues about developments in our field, " said Harris.  "I am particularly looking forward to working on my first IGCC research study scheduled for publication in early 2017, " she continued.

National Gift Card President Eric Thiegs is pleased with the appointment of both executives.

"Rick and Ashley have been leaders in educating the business community, raising the standards of its professionals and advancing the use of gift card incentives to generate better business results," Thiegs said.

"As we move into new generations of customers and technology, such as gift card API solutions, the IMA and IGCC will continue to help develop this ever-growing industry," he added.

Growing up in Florida for most of his life, Rubin attended Florida Atlantic University where he majored in telecommunications and the University of South Florida where he majored in business administration.  A staunch Chicago Bears fan, Harris graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

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