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Pay Mobile

NGC's innovative pay mobile app technology and fundraising platforms are ready to white label.

Pay Mobile – NGC’s Gift Card Payments Solution

NGC’s Pay Mobile solution provides Starbucks-like mobile payments, wallet and gifting functionality with 250+ retailers, from a single integration.

  • Mobile Payments – Allow users to load funds, down to the penny, onto merchant branded currency (gift cards), within your app, and securely pay at the Point-of-Sale or online
  • Mobile Wallet – Store unused gift cards in your app, view updated balance
  • Gifting – Allow users to purchase and send a digital or physical gift cards from your app

Why Pay Mobile?

  • Give your app users a secure payment method where their card/user credentials are not shared with the POS or Online checkout page
  • Creates new in-app engagements, stickiness and revenue
  • Keep your brand or client’s brand front and center
  • No POS integration required
  • Accepted at 250+ retailers from day one
  • Uses existing stored value payment rails and payment code format specific to each retailer
  • Gives users an incentive to use mobile payments by rewarding them with cashback or loyalty points on every purchase
  • Give back feature allows user to donate a % to the cause of their choice

Integration Options:

NGC offers a variety of integration methods including but not limited to…

  • API
  • SDK
  • Mobile Optimized Web

Target Markets:

  • Banks & Credit Unions
    • Your customers/members are looking at you as a trusted source for all their financial needs.
    • Pay Mobile offers a secure way to pay at 250+ retailers, rather than sharing credit/debit payment card credentials at POS or with online checkout pages, drastically limiting exposure to fraud/data breaches
    • Create new in-app engagements, stickiness and customer lifetime value
    • Give back feature allows user to donate a % to the cause of their choice
  • Digital Banking Solutions Providers
    • One integration to Pay Mobile would allow you to seamlessly deploy the solution to all of your mobile banking clients
    • Give your clients a value-add solution where they own the mobile payments user data vs 3rd party wallets
    • Generate new revenue
  • Loyalty Solutions Providers
    • Allow users to burn points within your app for gift cards at 250+ retailers
    • User can instantly pay with their phone at the POS or online
    • Reward users for purchasing gift cards in the form of cashback or loyalty points
  • Retailers
    • For retailers who want to enable mobile payments, wallet and gifting functionality within their mobile app with their own currency
    • Retailers save money not paying interchange fees when users pay with gift cards
    • Have a loyalty program? Allow users to burn points for a gift card within your app
    • Provide convenience of purchasing/sending gift cards from your app (plastic and digital)
    • Create new in-app engagements and loyalty with your customers

Use Cases:

Every Day Spend

  • Kim uses her NGC mobile payments embedded in her mobile banking app for her everyday shopping at Target, Amazon, etc…
  • Kim values the convenience and security of making transactions from her mobile banking app both in-store and online.
  • Kim is rewarded with bank loyalty points or cash back when paying with her mobile banking payment solution.
  • Her bank/credit account information is never shared with the point of sale or the online checkout page.

Emergency Use

  • Adam lost his wallet and won’t be able to get a new credit card for a couple days
  • Adam can instantly log into his mobile banking account and make payments using his mobile phone at over 250 of the largest merchants in the country
  • Any changes made to checking/credit accounts will be immediately reflected in the mobile banking application meaning Adam will have no downtime in his ability to make transactions.


  • Ashley is running late to her friend Steve’s birthday party and realizes she forgot to get Steve a birthday present.
  • On her way into the birthday party Ashley is able to log in to her mobile banking app and choose from a list of over 250 merchant gift cards to send to Steve.
  • With just a few taps the gift card of choice is purchased and sent to Steve via email with a custom birthday greeting from Ashley.
  • The gift card with personalized message is instantly delivered to Steve and he receives the email before Ashley walks in the door.

How Does Pay Mobile Compare to 3rd Party Mobile Payment Wallets?

Function 3rd Party Wallets Pay Mobile
User Experience Inside 3rd party app/no control over experience Inside YOUR app under YOUR control
Payment Mechanism @ POS Credit/Debit Merchant Branded Currency
Payment Mechanism Online Credit/Debit Merchant Branded Currency
Funding Mechanism Credit/Debit Credit/Debit/ACH/Loyalty Points
Incentives/Rewards Limited time offers/discounts Cashback rewards on every purchase
Give Back none Donate cashback to community causes
Access to App User Data none Yes, access to mobile app user data
Generated Revenue No Yes, Generates new revenue for NGC partners
P2P Gifting SamsungPay only Yes, with 250+ retailers within YOUR app
Risk/Fraud Prevention Users have to trust 3rd party
app with credit/debit credentials and those
credentials can potentially be compromised in
POS data breaches
No user credentials linked to the merchant branded currency or shared with POS

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