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National Gift Card shares insights for getting gift cards in time for the holidays when using points or miles from your rewards program

National Gift Card shares insights for getting gift cards in time for the holidays when using points or miles from your rewards program

CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill., Dec. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Looking to use some gift cards for last minute shopping? Or, maybe you want to hand out gift cards as presents for the holiday? For consumers who redeem points or miles for gift cards during the holidays, National Gift Card shares important tips on how to make the experience easier:

Tip 1: Redeem points for physical Gift Cards as soon as possible. If you want your physical gift cards in time to wrap and give to your family for the holidays, or to use yourself for last minute shopping, there is a chain of events that occurs behind the scenes that most consumers don't plan for when cashing out their points for gift card rewards. This includes your order being received by your loyalty program and the fulfillment steps for processing the gift card order to you via courier or First Class mail, not to mention the shipping transit time. This process can take up to two weeks depending on your program, so redeeming your points soon is the best bet for in-hand delivery before Christmas.

Tip 2: You have more time to redeem points for eGift Cards. While wrapping a piece of paper printed from your home computer containing the eGift card number might not have the same gifting effect as a physical card, an eGift card redemption will get you your reward quicker. As a part of this process, make sure to double-check the terms and conditions of your loyalty program. For some programs, you can redeem points or miles on Christmas Day and receive your eGift card reward within seconds if your program is connected to a secure gift card API.

However, some loyalty programs may manage eGift card reward fulfillment manually. If that's the case, redeeming your points for an eGift card during a holiday weekend could occur when those agencies or fulfillment houses are not open, and thus your eGift card won't be emailed until the next business day, which could push your gift giving past the holiday. It's best to redeem your points for digital gift cards by Dec. 22nd, and remember to watch your Spam or Clutter folders.

Tip 3: Have a back-up card choice in mind. Looking for a Target card, iTunes card, Amazon card, or other popular merchant in your program, but find those brand options out of stock or missing when you log in to redeem your points for those rewards? Those cards could be in back-order status. Popular national merchant cards go quickly, and if your rewards program gift card inventory doesn't have enough cards, your ideal Christmas gift card gift may not be available. If that's the case, have a back-up selection ready.

"Maintaining an active inventory of both popular retail and niche gift cards is important to our clients," stated Eric Thiegs, President at National Gift Card. "Our mission is to fulfill a gift card from point A to point Z as quickly, securely, and accurately as possible, and having the cards available is mission critical as step one in that process."

Tip 4: Reward selection is important. Does your loyalty program carry the gift card brands you want? It can be frustrating to have the points to use for a gift card reward, but not having the merchant options you want when you go to redeem. If that's the case, call your loyalty program and request the brands you want to see as rewards. Loyalty programs are designed to do one thing – keep you loyal. If the program doesn't provide you the rewards you want or need, your loyalty could be better placed with a different program that offers the rewards you want.

"This is one of the key reasons many incentive, loyalty and reward programs use National Gift Card for gift card fulfillment," stated Thiegs. "We carry over 450 global merchant brands that support a variety of physical and eGift card reward options for the U.S., Canada, and UK/Europe."

Tip 5: Ask Questions. Because fulfillment turn-around times for every program are unique, if you have questions about when you will receive your physical or digital gift card after redeeming your points - call or email your loyalty program. They will be able to help you.

After following these tips for getting the cards you want in time for holiday gift giving, lean back and take satisfaction in knowing that you put your points/miles to good use. By giving those on your Christmas list a physical or eGift card, your loved ones are bound to enjoy the freedom of choosing their gift themselves with the gift card you provided.

About National Gift Card Corp.: National Gift Card Corp. (NGC) is the leading marketer and supplier of gift cards for use in loyalty, incentive and rewards programs. The agency offers a wide variety of retail, restaurant and prepaid cards along with secure online ordering, distribution, fulfillment services, a Gift Card API and customized gift card programs designed to reach each client's specific objectives. NGC continues to develop innovative fulfillment technology solutions and delivers the best value to its customers. NGC operates globally across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. National Gift Card Corp. is headquartered in Illinois. To learn more about NGC, visit https://www.ngc-group.com/ or call +1.888.472.8747.

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