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New equipment, technology at National Gift Card Speeds, tracks, customizes customer orders

Release Date: February 23, 2010

National Gift Card Corp. (NGC) has introduced two new technologies that will offer customers more efficiencies when ordering and fulfilling gift cards for corporate programs.

The incentive gift card and fulfillment company is now using its Intelligent Card Processing System (ICPS) which automatically prints carriers and matches gift cards with the recipient's name, and folds and affixes the related documents completely ready for immediate shipment to National Gift Card clients or the clients' recipients.

€"Our ICPS enables us to process up to 3,000 different individual orders in an hour," said National Gift Card Corp. President Adam Van Witzenburg. "This results in a tremendously faster and better level of service for our customers."€

In addition, National Gift Card has enhanced its NGCdirect service, an online business-to-business ordering web site that allows customers to order gift cards with a few clicks of a computer mouse. €"With NGGdirect, customers can easily order gift cards, track their orders and choose and customize a variety of order options, including gift card quantities,"€ Van Witzenburg noted. "If, for instance, they want to order additional or fewer cards, they can post an e-mail request, and the order is updated in just a matter of minutes. Again, it's all about improving our flexibility and responsiveness."€ NGCdirect also provides complete fulfillment reporting, allowing customers to easily manage their gift card programs. To learn more, visit www.ngconlineorders.com or call 888-472-8747.

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