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ngcrewards Gift Card Program

Don’t have the budget for a full loyalty program? Need a simple solution that allows you to stop managing bulk gift card inventory in-house for employee gifts or spot rewards? Consider setting up a custom rewards website with gift cards from over 300 global brands—and let us take care of inventory and fulfillment. You can customize the delivery of your plastic or eGift cards with your brand message and your recipients get to choose their own rewards—win, win. You can pick from multiple tiers of shipping and pricing options and our customer service team is here to support you in whatever way we can.

ngcrewards Benefits

  • Gift Card Selection - Curate a list of plastic or eGift cards from over 300 global retail and restaurant brands—like iTunes, Amazon.com, & Starbucks—or choose from prepaid Visa® or American Express® reward cards.
  • Co-Branded Website & Gift Card Delivery - Add your company’s logo, a reward program theme or tagline, or a custom message (e.g. Thank You!) to your curated ngcrewards website in addition to packaging or emails your gift cards are delivered in.
  • Freedom of Choice - You purchase reward codes and send them to your recipients—they login to our secure web portal to redeem them for whatever gift card or eGift card they want and we deliver—satisfying millennials and any demographic that loves to choose their own way.
  • Friendly Customer Service - We care about the success of your program and satisfaction of your customers. We’re here to help your gift card program flourish in any way we can.
  • Tiered Packages & Pricing - Choose from multiple shipping options and pricing tiers to fit your budget.

We’d love to help you use ngcrewards to make managing your gift card rewards program a breeze. Give us a call or fill out the contact form on the page and one of our friendly experts will get back to you quickly. 

“NGC’s ngcrewards platform allows our employees to choose their holiday gifts and frees our managers from having to go to the grocery store to purchase the gift cards each year. We created a custom website to incorporate our branding and reinforce where the gift card was coming from. Now that our portal is setup, it’s easy to use it for spot rewards throughout the year too!”

Becky J. - Rewards Manager

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