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Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful - even in a pandemic

Over the course of this year, we have been reminded time and time again about just how important it is to be thankful. That’s right, having an attitude of gratitude has been one of the best ways to combat the weariness, strain and even worry over the ongoing health pandemic that continues in this country and the world.

Think about it – we have learned just how vital it is to say thank you, especially for people like our frontline workers, whether they are in the medical profession or those keeping our grocery stores stocked, our banks operating and our students educated in one way or another.

Being locked down has truly changed the way we go about our day, from work to eating and from education to health care. As a part of that we have come to understand what it means to give thanks, to appreciate other people, to honor and recognize those who do ordinary things in extraordinary times.

So, as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day during this year of COVID-19, it’s time to continue showing appreciation. In truth, all workers are front line workers these days, facing health worries and concern about family, especially school-aged children. Let’s appreciate all of our employees and our partners, customers, vendors, and shareholders who mean so much to our business and its potential success even during the unrelenting, challenging circumstances of 2020.

Now if you consider ways to recognize and thank your staff, or help a charity of your choice, remember that NGC has you covered. Our team knows all about finding ways to share the joy of saying thank you this year, and doing it in a meaningful way.

Not only can NGC help spread the joy of appreciation, we pride ourselves on creating fun and innovative gift card solutions that go above and beyond – just like employees and those frontline workers all around our community.

One idea is a Visa Reward Card that gives the receiver a wide variety of flexible and unique ways to shop, from dining to holiday gifts, from groceries and home goods to something fun for the whole family. These pre-paid cards can be easily customized to meet individual and corporate needs.

So, start saying thank you right away at work, at home, and in the community. The feeling of joy it brings will go a long way toward reminding us that someday this pandemic will end and our lives, while shaped by it forever, will go back to a more normal trajectory.

NGC is ready to help you express your gratitude with an attitude of joy, and remove – even just for a little bit – the worry and doubt about what is happening with our health, our economy and our businesses.

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