National Gift Card National Gift Card News en-US How Benefit Mobile Can Help with Fundraising in Times of Uncertainty Now more than ever we need to find ways to come together as a community and help one another through this challenging crisis. As people, companies and communities hurt, many are seeking ways to support one another, either through direct help or by raising money through fundraising.Our team at Benefit Mobile recognizes the unique challenges that the COVID-19 virus has brought to fundraising efforts for your cause. As our communities, both locally and globally, attempt to stop the spread of the virus, we are committed to continuing our efforts and will focus on assisting all of your fundraising efforts during these uncertain times. So, lets focus on how we can battle fear and economic disruption during this pandemic. Opportunities to raise money for a good cause bring us hope, help us support one another, reminds us of our humanity, and will ultimately show gratitude to those around us, whether our families, the first responders we depend on, or the community as a whole. NGC 2020 Statistics Explore our innovative technology solutions and world-class service that's connecting retail brands with the corporate and consumer marketplaces. Talk to us about our gift card API, mobile payment applications, B2B B2C gift card eCommerce platforms, physical and digital fulfillment optionsNGC services include:Real-time eGift cards via our APIPrepaid card sourcing and fulfillmentWhite label mobile payment and wallet solutionsPhysical gift card fulfillmentBulk fulfillmentDid you know? NGC Supports Banana Republic This Holiday Season NGC is excited to launch the customized B2C eCommerce portal built for Banana Republic to support all B2C eGift orders on, leading up to ChristmasThe BananaRepublicCares gift card portal is special in that 10% of all gift card purchases made on the site will be donated to Banana Republic's charity partner - CARE. NGC will also be managing all of the donation funds to CARE.Banana Republic offers various eGift faceplates for the consumer to choose from, giving the gift giver the opportunity to select a design best suited for their friend/loved one. 5 Effective Ideas for Better Peer-to-Peer Fundraising This guest post was contributed by OneCause and Joshua Meyer.Fundraisers can take many forms. Several organizations take part in campaigns where they partner with retailer stores so that a portion of the proceeds go straight to them for a period of time.1 This is an effective and appealing campaign to run because it allows donors to shop as normal but also support an organization they care about. So, how else can donors support an organization they love?In addition to campaigns like these, many organizations take part in peer-to-peer fundraisers. Peer-to-peer fundraisers also get your supporters involved in your cause and give them an opportunity to support you in creative ways. Thanksgiving is the Perfect Time to Express Thanks The spirit of giving and helping others is never on display better than at this time of year, as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Besides spending time with family and enjoying the bounty of life, it is also a wonderful time to express our thanks in many different ways.As employers look for ways to assist people and needy organizations this time of year, employees have an excellent opportunity to join in the giving spirit. National Gift Card Rebrands as NGC One of the world's largest and most automated prepaid and gift card sourcing, fulfillment, and technology companies streamlines its brand to align with its growing digital and mobile presence.CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill., Oct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- National Gift Card (NGC), one of the world's largest and most-automated prepaid technology providers, has rebranded itself as "NGC." The Chicago-area company serves the B2C and B2B gift card marketplace by sourcing, delivering, and managing over 500 physical and digital retail brands across North America for the health care, financial, insurance, loyalty, and consumer reward industries. NGC serves thousands of corporate clients using prepaid cards in programs rewarding tens of millions of US and Canadian consumers.The new brand reflects the company's transformation into one of the foremost technology players in the stored value and payments industry. With over half of NGC's card activations coming from its eGift portfolio, NGC anchored the new branding on its digital technology expansion which powers its proprietary gift card ordering portal, gift card API platform, mobile fundraising program, and B2C and B2B eCommerce websites and mobile apps for merchants. Show How Much You Care About Your Team Celebrating the hard work and effort of your employees is what Labor Day is all about. And certainly, there are plenty of ways to recognize and acknowledge your team while giving them a lift with a wonderful gesture of recognition.Theres really no better way to celebrate Labor Day, which is September 2 this year, than to offer your employees a special gift card program through NGC.Let us suggest an exciting approach for this fall: one focused on travel with a gift card from, a company known as a leading provider of hotel accommodation worldwide, providing reservation services through a network of localized websites and telephone call centers. Complete your Back-to-School Look with JCPenney Stock up on everything from backpacks to dorm room supplies - shop great brands like Sephora, Disney, Nike, Adidas, St. James and more. Our Salons, Vision and Portrait Studios offer convenient services at everyday low prices. JCP Bulk Gift cards help you stretch your B2School dollars in-store and online.At JCPenney, It's Style and Value for AllNow through Sept. 15th, JCPenney is offering $10 kids haircuts for students in grades K-6th, at the JCPenney Salon and Salon by InStyle. Peer-to-Peer Recognition Is About Winning Together When it comes to recognition, most people anticipate receiving thanks and well done wishes from superiors who oversee our work. Know whats at least as good, or even better? An acknowledgement from someone who witnesses, or may even help get, those daily tasks accomplished. In other words, a workplace peer, someone who recognizes the good work were doing and takes the time to make a point of it.But whats the best way to do that? Often it can be a challenge, even when we take the time to THINK ABOUT recognizing someone with whom we work on a regular basis.Thankfully, NGC and one of our merchant partnersJamba Juicehave a number of creative gift card options that are sure to put a smile on the face of those you depend on on a daily or weekly basis. Generational Differences When it comes to choosing a reward for those who are connected to your firm (whether they be employees or customers), it should be done with the same thought and care that you would give to any other expression of appreciation.In other words, consider whats important to the person receiving what you offer.In the case of a work-related expression of thanks in the form of a gift card, being sensitive to generational differences is probably more important today than at any other time in history, perhaps due to the pace of change that society has faced and how thats affected the interests of people born and raised in various moments. How to Jumpstart Employee Wellness Encouraging employees to get and stay healthy is a goal that some might consider a classic no brainer. And yet, establishing the credible link between action and results can sometimes be somewhat elusive.But according to, a blog authored by Dr. Steven Aldana, a professor who has published seven books and more than 75 research articles on the impact of worksite wellness programs, the very best way of helping employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors is by providing small incentives, such as gift cards, to randomly selected employees who successfully complete different aspects of a corporate wellbeing program. Dr. Aladana has provided published scientific evidence (at that this incentive approach works.National Gift Card, in partnership with Target, can provide the basis for a highly impactful campaign that follows the advice of Wellsteps and Dr. Aldana in moving forward, one step at a time. NGC + iTunes Are Perfect for Small Business Week As National Small Business Week (May 5-12) continues to unfold, the opportunities to align your companys vision and culture with an innovative, flexible and highly impactful gift card campaign are virtually unlimited with the help of National Gift Card and iTunes.How are you choosing to take advantage of this natural connection with the entrepreneurs in your area? May we suggest that whatever form your recognition takes, an iTunes gift card through National Gift Card is one that virtually everyoneemployees and customers includedwill welcome. Fact is, the strength of our economy is linked to the health of the small business community, and thats just one reason that National Small Business Week exists. Celebrate National Small Business Week in Style As National Small Business Week takes shape in your slice of the country, the good news is that there is no shortage of ideas ready for you to consider, any one of which can help you leverage the impact the May 5-12 event can have on your organization.Heres just one idea: a special gathering of customers or suppliers in recognition of National Small Business Week.One more initiative for you to leverage just for such an event would be a highly flexible and impactful gift card campaign from National Gift Card and Aerospostale. Imagine the smiles that will follow when you present a gift card to those who gather in celebration of National Small Business Week. Celebrate National Small Business Week with a Networking Event With National Small Business Week (May 5-11, 2019) in full swing, there are still significant opportunities to recognize businesses that are part of this huge segment of the economy. In fact, some may be the very companies that your firm depends for consistent performance and growth.National Gift Card, in partnership with Amazon, has an easy-to-implement campaign of recognition and/or appreciation that your employees and clients are sure to notice.One of the activities that has proven its effectiveness around the celebration of National Small Business Week is to organize a special networking event that brings together entrepreneurs and small business staff located in your area, all with the idea of celebrating the impact those local businesses create. DSW Is A Great Fit for Small Business Week Recognition As National Small Business Week (May 5-11) is upon us, there are many activities a company can undertake to draw attention to the value that local entrepreneurs deliver every day of the year.Why not take the opportunity to connect your branding message to ways that help bring a sense of appreciation to a customer, client or even your own employees if your business is one that relies on the goodwill and loyalty of small businesses that make your venture thrive?At National Gift Card, teaming up with DSWDesigner Shoe Warehousefor a flexible gift card program that nicely links with the energy inherent in National Small Business Week just seems like a natural fit. Get Ready for National Small Business Week, May 5 - 11 During National Small Business Week (which begins May 5, 2019), its just a natural fit to focus on how this key segment of our economy is an essential engine both for growth and sustainability.Ask yourself: Who in your network deserves a shout out when it comes to recognizing the positive impact that small businesses create in your area and beyond?By leveraging the power of recognition through events like National Small Business Week and doing so with a gift card from National Gift Card and Bath and Body Works, even this small gesture of appreciation for what your favorite small business owner does is sure to make a favorable impression. Celebrate Earth Day - One and All It was on April 22, 1970 that the very first Earth Day was celebrated, an event where millions of people took to the streets in protest over what organizers referred to as the negative effects of 150 years of industrial development.Here we are now in 2019, nearly 50 years since the first Earth Day. While a lot has changed, many would argue that the changes havent been nearly enough. But still we try. With Earth Day coming up, how cool would it be to remind someone in your organization or beyondperhaps a customer or a family memberthat it takes everyones individual acts to make a sustainable difference.A gift card from National Gift Card and REI would be a great way to help reinforce that statement. And, as the organizers of Earth Day continue their good work under this years theme, Protect Our Species, it is also a reminder that we all share the planet. National Gift Card (NGC) acquires digital payments technology and fundraising company, Benefit Mobile Strategic merger between leading physical and digital gift card fulfillment provider and technology-forward digital payments and fundraising platform creates company with the ability to revolutionize the branded currency and gift card industryCRYSTAL LAKE, Ill., Feb. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- National Gift Card (NGC), one of North America's largest and most trusted gift card solutions providers, announced today that it has acquired Benefit Mobile, a fast-growing digital payments and fundraising company based in Chicago, IL. The acquisition places NGC in a position to provide its broad customer base and strategic partners with enhanced digital services and gift card technology."With the Benefit Mobile team and technology, NGC is now poised to transform the gift card landscape by offering unparalleled technology and unique solutions for our customers and brand partners," said Adam Van Witzenburg, CEO of NGC. Showing (Cost-Effective) Appreciation Expressing appreciation for the people on your team should really be an everyday task.But for those of us who need the reminder, we thankfully have Employee Appreciation Day (March 1) to at least make sure we extend our gratitude for those who make the good work our organizations accomplish.We know what youre thinking. Things are tight, and this is yet another expense to deal with But heres a dose of reality for you: an expression of gratitude doesnt have to be costly at all. Revive New Year's Resolutions with Rewards Remember just a few weeks ago when you (perhaps once again) set those New Years resolutions to take better care of yourself by eating well, exercising and generally set aside those bad habits?It may seem like ancient history, but theres still time for those good intentions to be revived, not only for yourself but also for the employees who make your business possible in the first place. Encouraging employees to reset the calendar and embrace those wellness-related resolutions could be as simple as making the decision to start again.Establishing a wellness program that includes specific rewards could very well be the step you need. And with a gift card program from NGC and CVS, the details just got a whole lot easier.