National Gift Card National Gift Card News en-US Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful - even in a pandemic Over the course of this year, we have been reminded time and time again about just how important it is to be thankful. Thats right, having an attitude of gratitude has been one of the best ways to combat the weariness, strain and even worry over the ongoing health pandemic that continues in this country and the world.Think about it we have learned just how vital it is to say thank you, especially for people like our frontline workers, whether they are in the medical profession or those keeping our grocery stores stocked, our banks operating and our students educated in one way or another.Being locked down has truly changed the way we go about our day, from work to eating and from education to health care. As a part of that we have come to understand what it means to give thanks, to appreciate other people, to honor and recognize those who do ordinary things in extraordinary times. Tis The Season of Giving Back with Benefit Mobile If there is one good that can come out of 2020, it is the ability to give back to those who need our support this holiday season. The pandemic has not only caused a decline in giving back in 2020, but most schools and nonprofits have lost the ability to reach their donors through planned events and gatherings, which has caused a devastating loss to their fundraising efforts. Because of this, your support is appreciated now more than ever Benefit Mobile provides a virtual, easy and seamless way for donors to give back without spending a penny more than they would have anyways. While shopping in stores or online this holiday, pay with Benefit Mobile to instantly earn 2 percent to 20 percent for your favorite cause. Benefit offers 200+ retailers to shop, pay & earn, including top retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks and more. This makes it easier than ever to earn while shopping throughout the holiday season.And when it comes to presents, did you know that gift cards are the #1 requested holiday gift? As COVID continues to force us to be apart from our family and friends, there is no easier way to send a digital card to those near or far. The best part of sending an e-gift through the Benefit Mobile app is your gift will support the cause of your choice Planning the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season After everything that has taken place this year, the holidays cant come soon enough. Now is the time to take a breath and get ready to celebrate the holiday season and what it means for our companies, families and communities.Preparing for this year may be a bit different, but the operative phrase is to start planning now. Having already struggled through an unprecedented year, this holiday season can help remind us that no matter what happens, we have special people in our lives. This is the perfect time to utilize a custom gift card program to say thank you, recognize and reward our teams or help bring joy to a great cause in our communities.Sure, there are plenty of options available to take the worry and stress out of what can be a highly stressful time. Holiday gift cards just make giving that much easier, and with a little planning and effort, they can be both meaningful and highly personal. IMA Company Showcase A huge thank you to everyone that attended the IMA Company Showcase with NGC and Hinda Incentives held yesterdayEric and Mike were thrilled with the attendance and feedback on their Gifting, Recognition & Incentives and Dealing with a Changing World presentation.If you were not able to join or would like to re-watch the presentation a recording is available on the IMA website. NGC to participate in IMA's third virtual summit You're invited to IMA's third virtual Company Showcase featuring Hinda Incentives and NGC Tune in to learn about gifting in 2020 from presenters Mike Donnelly, CPIM and Eric Thiegs. In this session Eric and Mike will discuss ideas, best practices and approaches to engage those most important to your business in these changing times with surprise and delight gifts & awards. Fall Reminds Us of our Customer Service Dream Team Even as we wrap up the annual celebration known as Customer Service Week held each year during the first week of October staying focused on front-line staff who we depend upon for so much makes perfect sense. They are the men and women who serve, who assist others, and who help our customers and clients, especially during the pandemic we are living through this year.In fact, this years Customer Service Week (Oct. 5-9) was centered on the theme of remembering your Dream Team as a way to reflect on the vital role of teamwork in providing great service to all customers. Clearly, though, that idea really should play out each and every week, and successful teams represent their companies in a vital way that helps ensure a companys success in any kind of challenging environment.So, regularly recognizing and remembering the hard work of our teams is a great way to boost morale, whether its during a week set aside just for that, or as a routine part of a companys efforts to foster an engaged, employee-focused culture. New approach to gift cards There are times when something really big happens, and everyone wants to celebrate together. Sure, it would be nice to say that the pandemic is over and that we can all go back to normal. Sadly, that's not the case, but finding ways to adapt technology and offer cutting edge digital gift card solutions is what a national leader just like NGC is all about.Even in this current climate of uncertainty, NGC is dedicated to finding creative solutions and evolving powerful new ideas that assist clients and their communities. Our technology team is focused on making a difference in people's lives and finding new ways to help.NGC is excited to introduce the new Apple Gift Card, offering a unique, all-encompassing gift card system. Benefit Mobile improves fundraising efforts with gift cards, during uncertain COVID-19 times Digital and physical bulk gift cards improve fundraising efforts for schools, nonprofits, and charitiesBenefit Mobile, a digital payments and mobile-based fundraising company based in Chicago, IL, has added a new bulk physical and digital gift card option for community fundraising organizations such as school districts, nonprofits, and charities.Multiple options allow Benefit Mobile to continue its mission of operating as a fundraising platform to help groups and individuals to "pay with purpose" and support the causes that matter most to them.Downloading the Benefit Mobile fundraising app (which is available to iOS and Android users) allows users to raise money with their mobile phone. New bulk digital gift cards, as well as bulk physical cards, offer further online flexibility and options to groups seeking to fundraise. Time for Some Summer Fun Summertime is here at last, and there is great hope for some easy living, a chance to get outside and enjoy the world around us. Well, at least that is our hope during this ongoing challenge surrounding the world-wide pandemic.As many places slowly open up, there are lots of great ideas on what we can do to be outside together or alone. Many activities can be enjoyed under social distancing guidelines where you live, work or play. So, we thought it might be fun to share some tried and true ideas, as well as some new things that you, your families and even your employee teams can do together.If you like to cook, it's certainly BBQ season, but beyond that why not host a homemade ice cream making party for a small group, or go strawberry picking at a local farm and make homemade strawberry popsicles Celebrate Fathers Day more than ever As our nation continues to recover from the pandemic, we are reminded just how important family is in our homes and in our communities where struggles continue with stay-safe orders, social distancing requirements, quarantines and ongoing health risks.Clearly those on the frontlines keeping us safe are true heroes, but heroics also happens in our homes where parents and children have had to face new challenges around home schooling, job loss, shortages of basic supplies and more. But thanks to mothers and fathers its not all doom and gloom. We have a chance each year to stop the treadmill for a day and honor our fathers during a special day set aside just for them. And now more than ever, it is a deserved and special way to say thank you. NGC releases annual B2B program gift card usage statistics Findings from its 2019 national gift card distribution results have been finalized and released by NGC, one of North America's largest card and prepaid technology companies responsible for annually activating over $600 million in gift cards and prepaid products for loyalty, rewards, and employee recognition programs.Trends from the annual distribution results show that big box retailers, open loop cards (such as Visa and American Express), and entertainment brands (such as Apple and Google Play) continue to be the most popular gift card and reward choices.For the fifth consecutive year the big box retailer category, containing brands such as Walmart and Target, topped the list of NGC's reward categories, with 31% of the total redemption volume in gift cards, a 1% increase from the previous year. NGC Adds Greeting Card Printing and Fulfillment Technology to Enhance Gift Card Program Services In an effort to help companies using gift cards to support and thank employees and frontline workers during the COVID-19 crisis, NGC has expanded its capabilities to include greeting cards.With its new service, NGC will be able to print custom messages on privately branded greeting cards using its proprietary print and fulfillment technology platform. This capability makes NGC one of North America's only gift card providers who supports automated, quality-focused gift card fulfillment with a greeting card style delivery.NGC fast tracked the launch of the new capability to help companies during the current economic and health crisis as loyalty programs, wellness systems, and employee engagement platforms are looking for ways to thank workers and support employees by using gift cards to augment income. NGC Helps Meet Essential Needs Through Great American Brands Challenging times call for creativity, hard work and a focus on what is important.Over these past weeks our country has faced a crisis unlike anything we have ever seen before. This crisis impacts all levels of our society, from the health community to many small (and large) businesses struggling through unheard of economic impact.Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and as an essential business operating during this period, we have made it a mission to find additional ways to help. Now more than ever, everyone is striving to focus on meeting needs, offering solutions and celebrating the good things coming out these challenges. How Benefit Mobile Can Help with Fundraising in Times of Uncertainty Now more than ever we need to find ways to come together as a community and help one another through this challenging crisis. As people, companies and communities hurt, many are seeking ways to support one another, either through direct help or by raising money through fundraising.Our team at Benefit Mobile recognizes the unique challenges that the COVID-19 virus has brought to fundraising efforts for your cause. As our communities, both locally and globally, attempt to stop the spread of the virus, we are committed to continuing our efforts and will focus on assisting all of your fundraising efforts during these uncertain times. So, lets focus on how we can battle fear and economic disruption during this pandemic. Opportunities to raise money for a good cause bring us hope, help us support one another, reminds us of our humanity, and will ultimately show gratitude to those around us, whether our families, the first responders we depend on, or the community as a whole. NGC 2020 Statistics Explore our innovative technology solutions and world-class service that's connecting retail brands with the corporate and consumer marketplaces. Talk to us about our gift card API, mobile payment applications, B2B B2C gift card eCommerce platforms, physical and digital fulfillment optionsNGC services include:Real-time eGift cards via our APIPrepaid card sourcing and fulfillmentWhite label mobile payment and wallet solutionsPhysical gift card fulfillmentBulk fulfillmentDid you know? NGC Supports Banana Republic This Holiday Season NGC is excited to launch the customized B2C eCommerce portal built for Banana Republic to support all B2C eGift orders on, leading up to ChristmasThe BananaRepublicCares gift card portal is special in that 10% of all gift card purchases made on the site will be donated to Banana Republic's charity partner - CARE. NGC will also be managing all of the donation funds to CARE.Banana Republic offers various eGift faceplates for the consumer to choose from, giving the gift giver the opportunity to select a design best suited for their friend/loved one. 5 Effective Ideas for Better Peer-to-Peer Fundraising This guest post was contributed by OneCause and Joshua Meyer.Fundraisers can take many forms. Several organizations take part in campaigns where they partner with retailer stores so that a portion of the proceeds go straight to them for a period of time.1 This is an effective and appealing campaign to run because it allows donors to shop as normal but also support an organization they care about. So, how else can donors support an organization they love?In addition to campaigns like these, many organizations take part in peer-to-peer fundraisers. Peer-to-peer fundraisers also get your supporters involved in your cause and give them an opportunity to support you in creative ways. Thanksgiving is the Perfect Time to Express Thanks The spirit of giving and helping others is never on display better than at this time of year, as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Besides spending time with family and enjoying the bounty of life, it is also a wonderful time to express our thanks in many different ways.As employers look for ways to assist people and needy organizations this time of year, employees have an excellent opportunity to join in the giving spirit. National Gift Card Rebrands as NGC One of the world's largest and most automated prepaid and gift card sourcing, fulfillment, and technology companies streamlines its brand to align with its growing digital and mobile presence.CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill., Oct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- National Gift Card (NGC), one of the world's largest and most-automated prepaid technology providers, has rebranded itself as "NGC." The Chicago-area company serves the B2C and B2B gift card marketplace by sourcing, delivering, and managing over 500 physical and digital retail brands across North America for the health care, financial, insurance, loyalty, and consumer reward industries. NGC serves thousands of corporate clients using prepaid cards in programs rewarding tens of millions of US and Canadian consumers.The new brand reflects the company's transformation into one of the foremost technology players in the stored value and payments industry. With over half of NGC's card activations coming from its eGift portfolio, NGC anchored the new branding on its digital technology expansion which powers its proprietary gift card ordering portal, gift card API platform, mobile fundraising program, and B2C and B2B eCommerce websites and mobile apps for merchants. Show How Much You Care About Your Team Celebrating the hard work and effort of your employees is what Labor Day is all about. And certainly, there are plenty of ways to recognize and acknowledge your team while giving them a lift with a wonderful gesture of recognition.Theres really no better way to celebrate Labor Day, which is September 2 this year, than to offer your employees a special gift card program through NGC.Let us suggest an exciting approach for this fall: one focused on travel with a gift card from, a company known as a leading provider of hotel accommodation worldwide, providing reservation services through a network of localized websites and telephone call centers.