National Gift Card National Gift Card News en-US National Safety Month Reminds Everyone to Be Safe When it comes to issues of importance to Americans, one of the most basic is safety, which is one huge reason why marking June as National Safety Month, a program of the non-profit National Safety Council, is so important. Every year the organization picks a theme to focus on and this year it's "No 1 Gets Hurt."How about joining in by teaming up with National Gift Card and The Home Depot? By targeting some of your key employees or customers with messages that are relevant to safety, you'll be making an impact, not just on your business but aligning with one of the most basic issues that benefits society.This year, National Safety Month is divided into four weeks, each one with a different emphasis related to safety: National Nursing Assistants' Week is June 14-21 For Nursing Assistants throughout America, there's a time we set aside to celebrate their accomplishments and recognize their contribution to the health and wellbeing of so many people. That time is National Nursing Assistants' Week, June 14-21. It underscores the point made by the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants: "Nursing Assistants are the best thing about caring."The group suggests that its members consider some fun projects as well as recognition events to highlight the contributions that Nursing Assistants provide to the community.A gift card from National Gift Card for Spafinder Wellness 365 would certainly deliver the kind of recognition that the Nursing Assistants in your life deserve. Such a welcome gesture would also play a significant role in motivating and, yes, thanking these key members of the health care profession whose tireless and committed contributions may all too often be taken for granted. Its Gift Card Time Heres A Few Basics Mothers Day, Graduations, Fathers Day. Weddings Its a busy time for giftsand gift cards. As a leader in the gift card industry, NGC sits at the nexus of gift card distribution, fulfillment and sourcing, at that time of the year when people think a lot about gift cards. Since we are a B2B provider, the way that our work translates to the consumer is that, when people are redeeming their points or miles in their favorite loyalty program, our company is one of the central distribution and sourcing points for managing the actual fulfillment. We get that gift card to the right person and in the right amount of time, so they can get that grill for Fathers Day, etc. Participants redeem their points in their program and we make sure that it happens. We pull the card, load the funds on it and then get it to the recipient. From a business perspective, other businesses are our key customers. At some point, most businesses look for ways to reward and incentivize their employees or some segment of their target population. So, whether it's getting a consumer to join an affinity group or getting employees to act, gift cards, reward cards or some other type of incentive, help people say, oh, I think I will do what you're asking. Get Movin' - Employee Health & Fitness Day While we set aside numerous days of the year for highlighting various issues, it's arguable that National Employee Health and Fitness Day (May 16th), is among the most significant in terms of the potential impact it has on employees.Clearly, just reminding employees of how important it is to spend some regular time keeping fit is a worthy initiative. Emphasizing that with a gift card from National Gift Card and either Nike or Under Armour is a great way to get the attention of employees who could benefit from a timely reminder.Presenting a gift card for either of those brands helps to "bridge the good intention" with something a recipient can act on - a first step toward making progress. Acknowledge Your Small Business Heroes Celebrating National Small Business Week (April 29-May 5) can be so much more than flipping the pages of a calendar. It's a great opportunity to acknowledge, in a tangible way, someone who's making it possible for the American dream to become a reality.The fact is, most wealth in our country is generated by small business heroes, and National Small Business Week is our way of giving a shout out to those who "slug it out" day after day, week after week.Our suggestion is to mark the occasion with a gift card from National Gift Card and Target, one of America's most versatile places to shop. Why Bother with National Small Business Week? So, it's National Small Business Week. If you're thinking "so what?" you may not be alone. The answer may be found in a list of suggestions on how to make this annual "nod to small business" more impactful.But before we get to that list, may we suggest making it personal? A gift card from National Gift Card and Atom Tickets is a great way to say "thanks" to the people who have put their hearts and souls into creating and sustaining the enterprise. Given that it's the small business ecosystem that's responsible for about half of the wealth generation in the economy, that's a pretty good way to get on board with the observance.Here are some additional ideas that can help: The Perfect Excuse - National Small Business Week With National Small Business Week in full swing (April 29-May5), celebrating the initiative of entrepreneurs who are responsible for generating about half of America's GDP can be a very personal initiative within anybody's reach.And, with the help of National Gift Card and The Home Depot, that acknowledgment in the form of a gift card might just make the difference to someone who has worked hard throughout the year to create value.We are all busy, that's for sure. But putting an event like National Small Business Week on the calendar takes just a few seconds. What will almost certainly underscore that acknowledgement is taking a step further by reaching out to National Gift Card with a gift card redeemable at The Home Depot, one of the most versatile retailers in America. Recognize Your Small Business Heroes During Small Business Week Starting a business in the United States is easier than ever. But STAYING in business is no piece of cake.As we continue celebrating National Small Business Week (April 29-May 5), it's a great time for a shout out to those venturesome folks who made it possible for value creation to take place. One great way to give the appropriate recognition to those hard-working folks is a gift card from Panera and National Gift Card makes it easy.By acknowledging the good work someone (likely more than one) who gets up every day, making good on the commitment to do what it takes to keep the lights on and the doors open, you can help bring a smile to that someone's face. A gift card from Panera is something that will do just that - demonstrating that you really care. Don't Miss Small Business Week, April 29th - May 5th While there's often "headline news" around some of the country's biggest corporations, the fact remains that small businesses throughout the U.S. generate about half the nation's economic activity. For that reason alone, setting aside a time when we can both celebrate and acknowledge the impact of small business to the economy makes a great deal of sense. April 29th - May 5th is National Small Business Week and it's a great opportunity to reach out to one or more of your area's key small business owners and offer a thank you for what they do to make your business that much stronger.With an acknowledgement in the form of a gift card through National Gift Card (an American Express Rewards Card would make a great choice), you'll be making a bold statement in support of what this business means to your firm. Why Not Celebrate Earth Day In a New Way This Year? When Earth Day (April 22) was first established in 1970, it was a rather modest event at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, the result of an initiative by peace activist John McConnell. He tied it to "honoring" the Earth and the concept peace. Clearly, the idea caught on, with more than 193 countries now coordinating Earth Day activities through the Earth Day Network.But there's still more that can be done to advance the ideals behind Earth Day and marking it might very well include a tangible gesture in the form of a Visa Prepaid Reward Card from National Gift Card.Sometimes, just reminding someone of the "right thing to do" can be all it takes to generate a little bit of positive action and a gift card could do just that. Make Employee Appreciation Day Noteworthy Employee Appreciation Day may be one of those "unofficial" days of the year, but that doesn't mean it's insignificant.In fact, the first Friday in March is gaining popularity as an opportunity for companies to thank those who help make their business happen, through their daily work and commitment to the enterprise. It's especially an opportunity for those in leadership or human resources positions to take the time to express appreciation in some form.At National Gift Card, we think a gift card is a great pick for that purposeand we're suggesting iTunes as an ideal choice for just about everyone in your organization. Simply put, an iTunes gift card puts selection in the hands of the people who make it their mission to deliver value to your customers. Your statementthat what they do as individuals and part of your team is appreciatedwill help demonstrate in a tangible way that they're being recognized for their contributions. Valentine's Day Is a Good Reminder It's the day we set aside to demonstrate our love to that "special person" in our lives. But even though Valentine's Day is now behind us, how about showing a little love to the people who help your business grow and prosper? A gift card from National Gift Card and Lettuce Entertain You, a restaurant group with quite the reachmore than 120 locations in nine statescan be a timely demonstration of just how much an employee means to your organization.And with National Gift Card and Lettuce Entertain You, you take a big step forward in demonstrating how much you value the contribution those employees mean to the health of your business. Why Choice Remains Crucial for Gift Card Rewards National Gift Card's Eric Thiegs urges the industry to continue offering a balance of gift card products and ways to deliver them.This year is looking to be a big one for incentive gift card fulfillment company National Gift Card (NGC). Already boasting North America's largest gift card fulfillment facility, with cutting-edge equipment, NGC is now expanding it by an additional 40,000 square feet and bringing in additional automation machines this spring. It is also preparing to launch its new "Plastic API" for clients looking to send both physical and digital gift card orders for more than 500 brands -- in one API connection. Incentive caught up with NGC President Eric Thiegs to learn more about what 2018 holds for the organization, and what he sees as the biggest concerns shaping the sector in the coming year. Here is what he had to say. Don't Forget Better Business Communication Anyone who thinks the idea of excellence in business communication is a "given" ought to think again. The fact is, there's a reason for having a "Better Business Communication Day" and it's not because there are so many people who have it all figured out.No, the fact is we can all do a better job of communicating with colleagues and customers. Better Business Communication Day - January 22nd - is an opportunity to celebrate those who have taken the time and made the effort to clearly, concisely and accurately craft and deliver messages that make sense and accomplish their intended purpose.Those kinds of accomplishments are deserving of recognition and reward, perhaps with an American Express Reward Card, made possible by contacting National Gift Card. iTunes $2 eCodes now available via NGC's API National Gift Card is excited to announce the addition of $2 iTunes eCodes to our portfolio - just in time for the holidaysGive the gift of one-stop entertainment. Redeem your iTunes gift card for credit from the iTunes store, App store, iBooks store, and for Apple Music memberships. The content you purchase through your iTunes gift card can be accessed on an iPod, iPad, iPhone, Mac computer, or PC. With an iTunes gift card, you can purchase your favorite music, movies, games, and so much more. You can check your iTunes gift card credit balance on iTunes or the Mac App store.iTunes gift cards are redeemable on the App Store, the iTunes Store, the iBooks Store, and the Mac App Store. Recipients can access their content on a Mac or PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and AppleTV. Recognize Extraordinary Work Teams Perhaps it's a good thing there's a specific day set aside to recognize the achievements that teams bring to the table. On December 4 every year, there's a formal name for it: Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day.If your workplace depends on the combined efforts of people who see a common goal and put their energy, enthusiasm and encouraging skills to work, now would be a great time to celebrate those collaborative skills, especially with a view toward highlighting the success that comes from the effort.One of the best choices when it comes to putting those thoughts into action is a gift card from iTunes, one of America's favorite shopping spots for music, movies, television and even games. Having Last Minute Gift Giving Issues? Don't Panic The clock may be ticking down when it comes to checking off" items on your holiday gift giving list, but we suggest the phrase that author Douglas Adams made "more famous" in his "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."Don't Panic.We can say so with a high degree of confidence in that National Gift Card, especially through 1-800-Flowers, has a solution for your last-minute gift giving. NGC 2017 Holiday Information With the holiday season approaching, we wanted to share recommended shipping dates and office closures.Shipping Dates - For recommended in-hands delivery by Christmas, please note the following dates:U.S. Individual Fulfillment (IF) Orders: Client order files and payment recommended to be received by December 11th. Macy's eCodes Now Available National Gift Card is excited to announce the addition of Macys e-codes to our portfolio. Macys is synonymous with the holidays and has been Americas favorite department store for over 150 years because Macys has something for everyone With more than 500 stores nationwide and the biggest selection online 24/7 at Kick-off the holiday season with a 2% bonus from The Home Depot The Home Depot is offering a 2% bonus on plastic and digital purchases from November 6th - November 17th. From modest projects like updating your bath to small projects with a big impact like paint, The Home Depot can help you get more done in your home for less. That's the power of the world's largest home improvement retailer. The Home Depot. More saving. More doing. Gift cards may be redeemed at any The Home Depot stores and online. They never expire and no service fees will ever be charged when purchasing or using a The Home Depot gift card.Home Depot is helping people do more with their hard earned moneyThis bonus is ready to go for bulk orders purchased on NGCdirect, but if you are interested in incorporating this Home Depot promotion into your individual physical gift card fulfillment or gift card API services from NGC, please contact your Sales Representative or Account Manager.