National Gift Card National Gift Card News en-US Worried about eGift Security? When it comes to speed and convenience, sending and receiving an eGift card ranks high on the scale of choice. But anyone who reads the news might also wonder just how secure those electronic transactions can really be.If NGC is involved, clients on both sides of the transactionthe person sending and the receiver of the eGift cardcan take comfort in knowing their data is secure, thanks to some of the highest encryption technology available.Recipients of any eGift card--and may we suggest one from REI for example--will receive a unique link that contains the value of the gift along with a unique code and PIN (if necessary). Only the recipient has access to that unique code, which makes the transaction completely secure. Looking to 2019 Happy New Year and welcome to 2019 It's time to begin thinking about how you can reset things in terms of employee morale and motivation. The good news is that this mission isnt nearly as overwhelming as it might seem.With help from NGC and great brands like Starbucks and Nike, you have strong options to plan a strategy that studies prove will deliver sustained impact on employee morale and motivation.Good results start with good planning. And teaming up with NGC, especially with partners like Starbucks and Nike in your corner, is a good step forward in that process. Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day Is the Perfect Time to Surprise When December 4th rolls around, there will undoubtedly be lots of work to think about, even as you prioritize the list of important tasks ahead of the holiday season. That day also happens to be Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day.This is a perfect opportunity to reach out to the people in your organization - the ones under your leadership or those whose work contributes to your achievements, especially over the past 12 months.Teams are among the most important work groups in any company, profit or non-profit alike, and something as simple as the presentation of an iTunes gift card, available through National Gift Card, can be a bright spot in what might otherwise be "just another day." Spread Holiday Cheer with the Happy Dining Card Some of us seem to be surprised when holidays come around - even when we promise ourselves that "next year" we'll do a better job of planning And here we are againDespite our tendency to procrastinate, National Gift Card has you covered when it comes to delighting your employees - and even nudging them into the holiday celebration mood.With the Happy Dining Card, employees will be "happy as a clam" as they get to dine on juicy surf and turn from Red Lobster or McCormick & Schmick's. With choice being one of the best things about the Happy Dining Card, it's no surprise that the best Italian food from Bravo Cucina Italiana and Brio Tuscan Grille are included on this gift card. There are even dessert options from The Cheesecake Factory It's Time for "Thanks Giving" As Thanksgiving approaches, many of us begin individually thinking about ways that we can express our own thanks. Its also a good time for employers to join in the giving spirit and show appreciation to their employees at the same time.Doing so with a National Gift Card gift card from Charity Choice, an organization that helps facilitate donations to an employees chosen charity. Under the program, you may designate funds for up to three charities from an online list of more than 250 major charities and many local causes, totaling over 1000 in all. Recipients simply follow the easy instructions on the back of the card to donate the funds.In a season where the very name of the day evokes reasons for thankfulness, expressing those feelings through a gift card that works in a uniquely thoughtful way and allows employees to leverage their own connections to various charities is sure to give your company a boost. Time for Halloween Halloween remains one of those "special" holidays where Americans get a chance to scare their neighbors, friends and even their kids with outrageous costumes and spooky "tricks" - with the expectation that it's all in good fun.If you're looking for a "monster" hit this season, one great option is a gift card program featuring brands like Target and Bed Bath & Beyond, two places where a gift card from National Gift Card can be leveraged in a way that builds loyalty among clients, customers and employees who are likely looking ahead to a very busy retail season - a time where relationship building will be even more important.Halloween doesn't have to be scary after all. It's good fun for most of us and having a gift card connected with whatever other activity you're planning just makes a lot of sense. Customer Service: An essential part of any business While Customer Service Week is coming up soon (October 1-5 this year), we certainly dont need a special event to make the point that providing outstanding service to those who make our business possible (that would be the customer) is an essential part of any business.Organizers of Customer Service Week have outlined the five core goals:Boosting morale, motivation and teamwork;Rewarding front line representatives for the essential work they do all year long;Raising company awareness of the importance of customer service;Thanking other departments for their support; andReminding customers of your organizations commitment to customer satisfaction.There are numerous ways to recognize Customer Service Week, but the presentation of a gift card from National Gift Card and Barnes & Noble is a great place to start, not only the conversation around how important focusing on customer service is throughout the year, but to extend a simple thank you to those who make it all work that much better. Making Sure Rewards Choices Stay Fresh is Key to Success In looking at the rewards end of recognition as a tool, the best rewards depend on the individual so the best approach is to create choices designed to achieve success, says Eric Thiegs, president of National Gift Card, as quoted in the July/August 2018 issue of Premium Incentive Products, a trade publication.Even more basic to which rewards become part of a companys program is the conscious decision to focus on what the individual considers more attractive, said Thiegs.The big four tools utilized and built into programs are travel, merchandise, experiential and gift cards, and members in recognition programs can earn one or several of these, he notes. How About a Little Labor Day Lift? A sure sign that summer is winding down is when Labor Day arrives. We hope that employees have enjoyed time with family and friends and revelled in weather that was just as they hoped.But Labor Day is also a key date on the calendar when it comes to celebrating the positive impact organized labor has made in our society.For employees, it can also be a day that leverages the feelings of gratitude that you feel for your team. Letting them know in a tangible waywith an iTunes gift card for examplecould be just the boost needed for people who, even unconsciously, are looking for a little lift as they enter one of the busiest work periods of the year heading into fall and beyond. Congratulations Ashley Harris MINNEAPOLIS Aug. 16 2018 The Incentive Gift Card Council (IGCC), a Strategic Industry Group within the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA), has elected Ashley Harris, senior director of strategic partnerships, National Gift Card (NGC), as president, and announced new officers and directors.Harris oversees NGCs North American portfolio of over 300 open-loop and closed-loop brands. She focuses on merchant relationships and leveraging NGCs strategic partnerships with aggregators, processors, technology providers and card manufactures. Harris also focuses on bringing industry trends into the day-to-day operations of NGC and its merchant partner programs. Harris says the IGCC has an incredibly dedicated member base comprised of both industry veterans and new faces. In the coming year I am looking forward to leading the board in driving member engagement through more frequent interaction focused on education, resources and networking the three pillars of focus for the IGCC, she explained.The IGCC also elected Katie Dougherty, Red Lobster, executive vice president; Benita Johnson, PetSmart, director of membership; Jim Atten, RetailMeNot, past president; and directors Jenny Ford, The Home Depot and Lauren Loudenslagel, First Data Gift Solutions. Back to School Isn't Just for Kids Encouraging employees to adopt a "lifelong learner" mentality could very well be one of the most significant ways to improve productivity over the long term, which is why successful companies tend to "double down" on learning initiatives.As the "thrill" of summer starts to fade and we enter the "back to school" season, people at work tend to be more receptive to a "let's learn something new" message. Add in a little encouragement in the form of a gift card from National Gift Card and Target, a retailer with just about anything a learner might need to get started, and you're already headed in the right direction.As Keith Ferrazzi, CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a research-based consulting and training company and author of Who's Got Your Back (Broadway Books, 2009), writes in Harvard Business Review, there are ways for companies to improve employee development programs. LaSalle Capital acquires NGC US, LLC. Chicago-based private equity firm completes transaction to own one of the largest and most automated gift card and prepaid card sourcing and fulfillment companies in the world.CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill., July 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Chicago-based private equity firm, LaSalle Capital, purchased NGC US, LLC. (NGC), one of the world's largest, most-automated B2B gift card and prepaid card companies. NGC serves B2B loyalty, reward and incentive marketplace with over 500 physical and digital gift card brands across the U.S., Canada, UK and Europe.LaSalle acquired all the NGC business, including the businesses of NGC US, NGC Canada, and NGC Europe. Show You Care with the Gift of Massage It's true: everybody deserves a massage and there's an entire week - July 15-21 - with that as the entire message.The hands in play are those of massage therapists and body workers, who lend their "hearts and hands" to raise awareness of the benefits of having a massage and draw attention to the importance of taking care of your own physical wellness. The week itself is sponsored by Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) to promote the benefits of massage, with participating spas and massage therapists offering various discounts and specials on treatments.There's another way to do even more good and that's through National Gift Card. By offering a Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week, employees, customers, friends and family will get the benefit from a massage in exactly the place they need to be. National Safety Month Reminds Everyone to Be Safe When it comes to issues of importance to Americans, one of the most basic is safety, which is one huge reason why marking June as National Safety Month, a program of the non-profit National Safety Council, is so important. Every year the organization picks a theme to focus on and this year it's "No 1 Gets Hurt."How about joining in by teaming up with National Gift Card and The Home Depot? By targeting some of your key employees or customers with messages that are relevant to safety, you'll be making an impact, not just on your business but aligning with one of the most basic issues that benefits society.This year, National Safety Month is divided into four weeks, each one with a different emphasis related to safety: National Nursing Assistants' Week is June 14-21 For Nursing Assistants throughout America, there's a time we set aside to celebrate their accomplishments and recognize their contribution to the health and wellbeing of so many people. That time is National Nursing Assistants' Week, June 14-21. It underscores the point made by the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants: "Nursing Assistants are the best thing about caring."The group suggests that its members consider some fun projects as well as recognition events to highlight the contributions that Nursing Assistants provide to the community.A gift card from National Gift Card for Spafinder Wellness 365 would certainly deliver the kind of recognition that the Nursing Assistants in your life deserve. Such a welcome gesture would also play a significant role in motivating and, yes, thanking these key members of the health care profession whose tireless and committed contributions may all too often be taken for granted. Its Gift Card Time Heres A Few Basics Mothers Day, Graduations, Fathers Day. Weddings Its a busy time for giftsand gift cards. As a leader in the gift card industry, NGC sits at the nexus of gift card distribution, fulfillment and sourcing, at that time of the year when people think a lot about gift cards. Since we are a B2B provider, the way that our work translates to the consumer is that, when people are redeeming their points or miles in their favorite loyalty program, our company is one of the central distribution and sourcing points for managing the actual fulfillment. We get that gift card to the right person and in the right amount of time, so they can get that grill for Fathers Day, etc. Participants redeem their points in their program and we make sure that it happens. We pull the card, load the funds on it and then get it to the recipient. From a business perspective, other businesses are our key customers. At some point, most businesses look for ways to reward and incentivize their employees or some segment of their target population. So, whether it's getting a consumer to join an affinity group or getting employees to act, gift cards, reward cards or some other type of incentive, help people say, oh, I think I will do what you're asking. Get Movin' - Employee Health & Fitness Day While we set aside numerous days of the year for highlighting various issues, it's arguable that National Employee Health and Fitness Day (May 16th), is among the most significant in terms of the potential impact it has on employees.Clearly, just reminding employees of how important it is to spend some regular time keeping fit is a worthy initiative. Emphasizing that with a gift card from National Gift Card and either Nike or Under Armour is a great way to get the attention of employees who could benefit from a timely reminder.Presenting a gift card for either of those brands helps to "bridge the good intention" with something a recipient can act on - a first step toward making progress. Acknowledge Your Small Business Heroes Celebrating National Small Business Week (April 29-May 5) can be so much more than flipping the pages of a calendar. It's a great opportunity to acknowledge, in a tangible way, someone who's making it possible for the American dream to become a reality.The fact is, most wealth in our country is generated by small business heroes, and National Small Business Week is our way of giving a shout out to those who "slug it out" day after day, week after week.Our suggestion is to mark the occasion with a gift card from National Gift Card and Target, one of America's most versatile places to shop. Why Bother with National Small Business Week? So, it's National Small Business Week. If you're thinking "so what?" you may not be alone. The answer may be found in a list of suggestions on how to make this annual "nod to small business" more impactful.But before we get to that list, may we suggest making it personal? A gift card from National Gift Card and Atom Tickets is a great way to say "thanks" to the people who have put their hearts and souls into creating and sustaining the enterprise. Given that it's the small business ecosystem that's responsible for about half of the wealth generation in the economy, that's a pretty good way to get on board with the observance.Here are some additional ideas that can help: The Perfect Excuse - National Small Business Week With National Small Business Week in full swing (April 29-May5), celebrating the initiative of entrepreneurs who are responsible for generating about half of America's GDP can be a very personal initiative within anybody's reach.And, with the help of National Gift Card and The Home Depot, that acknowledgment in the form of a gift card might just make the difference to someone who has worked hard throughout the year to create value.We are all busy, that's for sure. But putting an event like National Small Business Week on the calendar takes just a few seconds. What will almost certainly underscore that acknowledgement is taking a step further by reaching out to National Gift Card with a gift card redeemable at The Home Depot, one of the most versatile retailers in America.