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How to Jumpstart Employee Wellness

May 16, 2019

Encouraging employees to get and stay healthy is a goal that some might consider a classic “no brainer.” And yet, establishing the credible link between action and results can sometimes be somewhat elusive.

But according to wellsteps.com, a blog authored by Dr. Steven Aldana, a professor who has published seven books and more than 75 research articles on the impact of worksite wellness programs, the very best way of helping employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors is by providing small incentives, such as gift cards, to randomly selected employees who successfully complete different aspects of a corporate wellbeing program. Dr. Aladana has provided published scientific evidence (at wellsteps.com/wellsteps-research) that this incentive approach works.

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NGC + iTunes Are Perfect for Small Business Week 

May 09, 2019

As National Small Business Week (May 5-12) continues to unfold, the opportunities to align your company’s vision and culture with an innovative, flexible and highly impactful gift card campaign are virtually unlimited with the help of National Gift Card and iTunes.

How are you choosing to take advantage of this natural connection with the entrepreneurs in your area? May we suggest that whatever form your recognition takes, an iTunes gift card through National Gift Card is one that virtually everyone—employees and customers included—will welcome.

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Celebrate National Small Business Week in Style

May 09, 2019

As National Small Business Week takes shape in your slice of the country, the good news is that there is no shortage of ideas ready for you to consider, any one of which can help you leverage the impact the May 5-12 event can have on your organization.

Here’s just one idea: a special gathering of customers or suppliers in recognition of National Small Business Week.

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Celebrate National Small Business Week with a Networking Event 

May 08, 2019

With National Small Business Week (May 5-11, 2019) in full swing, there are still significant opportunities to recognize businesses that are part of this huge segment of the economy. In fact, some may be the very companies that your firm depends for consistent performance and growth.

National Gift Card, in partnership with Amazon, has an easy-to-implement campaign of recognition and/or appreciation that your employees and clients are sure to notice.

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DSW Is A Great Fit for Small Business Week Recognition

May 07, 2019

As National Small Business Week (May 5-11) is upon us, there are many activities a company can undertake to draw attention to the value that local entrepreneurs deliver every day of the year.

Why not take the opportunity to connect your branding message to ways that help bring a sense of appreciation to a customer, client or even your own employees if your business is one that relies on the goodwill and loyalty of small businesses that make your venture thrive?

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