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Meet Andrew Johnson - CEO NGC Europe

Specialties: Global, white-label merchant gift card sites, B2B, B2C

Andrew Johnson, NGC Europe’s Chief Executive Officer, joined the National Gift Card family following the acquisition of his company in 2014. Andrew and his team manage NGC activities across the whole of Europe from their office just outside London, England. He spent 9 of his 15 years in the gift card industry as the Director General of the UK Gift Card and Voucher Association, so Andrew certainly knows his way around gift cards and vouchers.

The most fulfilling part of Andrew’s job is people. Working with a great team in Europe supported by colleagues in the U.S. Andrew is a firm believer in team work. “By working together we are introducing new gift card products and gift card fulfillment services offered by NGC to clients across Europe. We take a collaborative approach with clients making sure we let customers know when things go right and more importantly when they go wrong. Nothing beats the personal touch of a call to see how things are going”. Andrew believes this approach gives clients the confidence and trust in NGC to do a great job getting vouchers to their business clients and end users securely and quickly.

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of the services offered; systems from NGC are being rolled out to NGC clients throughout Europe. “Whilst people are at the heart of our business, we are continually developing gift card fulfillment technology. The continual discovery of new ways of working with technology, in particular NGC’s gift card API, is exciting and helps develop our strategy,” Andrew explains, “Digital gift cards are growing in popularity in Europe so we need to make sure we are meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations when it comes to the latest technology.”

In his free time Andrew does mix a little work and pleasure as his favorite past time involves an NGC client, The National Trust, who manage historic buildings in the UK. NGC Europe provide part of The National Trust gift card program and Andrew loves spending time exploring the special places in the care of the National Trust with his family. “As well as discovering history a day out at a National Trust property can be a gastronomic experience in their cafes and restaurants. They are particularly good at scones, jam and cream, the foundation of the English afternoon tea which is my favorite meal,” says Andrew, “Fortunately walking around the extensive gardens at National Trust properties means you can work off the calories!”

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