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Just Say "Thank You"

There are so many reasons for our parents drilling us with the "always say thank you" message over the years.  One is that it's just a polite way to do life.  But it's also a powerful way to acknowledge - in a variety of ways - how important the people who we do business with are to our success.  As "Thank Your Customers" week comes up (January 6-12), it's a great way to put thought to action.  One way is by expressing your attitude with a Visa Prepaid Reward Card from National Gift Card.

Chances are you'll find that tangible expression of thanks to be surprising to recipients - even though we may have been reminded throughout our childhood, clearly not everyone has carried those "manners" into adulthood.  And when it comes to doing business in a gracious and deliberately customer-focused way, it may form the very basis for a competitive advantage.

There are many strategies that can be incorporated into the presentation of a gift card, including writing a short personalized thank you note or highlighting a memorable moment that will help cement the relationship with your customer.

The biggest point is to just take the initiative.  Step out in a spirit of gratitude to EXPRESSLY thank those who are responsible for the success of your business.

Sometimes it only takes a small step forward to make a big difference.

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