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Fall Reminds Us of our Customer Service “Dream Team”

Even as we wrap up the annual celebration known as Customer Service Week – held each year during the first week of October – staying focused on front-line staff who we depend upon for so much makes perfect sense. They are the men and women who serve, who assist others, and who help our customers and clients, especially during the pandemic we are living through this year.

In fact, this year’s Customer Service Week (Oct. 5-9) was centered on the theme of remembering your “Dream Team” as a way to reflect on the vital role of teamwork in providing great service to all customers. Clearly, though, that idea really should play out each and every week, and successful teams represent their companies in a vital way that helps ensure a company’s success in any kind of challenging environment.

So, regularly recognizing and remembering the hard work of our teams is a great way to boost morale, whether it’s during a week set aside just for that, or as a routine part of a company’s efforts to foster an engaged, employee-focused culture.

As we enter the busy holiday shopping season ahead, it is an excellent time to team up with the team at NGC and focus on this critical relationship you're building with your customers. One way to do that is to offer your teams a gift card redeemable at Kohl’s, a retailer offering a wide array of products that virtually every employee will appreciate.

In the end, happy customers remain critical to the success of any business, but it can be human nature to forget this at times. That becomes another reason to use the idea of Customer Service Week, to remind your own employees just how essential customer relationships are.

A gift card from Kohl’s is a wonderful way to make that happen and NGC makes it easier than ever to bring that message home.

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