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Customer Service: An essential part of any business

While Customer Service Week is coming up soon (October 1-5 this year), we certainly don’t need a “special event” to make the point that providing outstanding service to those who make our business possible (that would be the customer) is an essential part of any business.

Organizers of Customer Service Week have outlined the five core goals:

  • Boosting morale, motivation and teamwork;
  • Rewarding front line representatives for the essential work they do all year long;
  • Raising company awareness of the importance of customer service;
  • Thanking other departments for their support; and
  • Reminding customers of your organization’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

There are numerous ways to recognize Customer Service Week, but the presentation of a gift card from National Gift Card and Barnes & Noble is a great place to start, not only the conversation around how important focusing on customer service is throughout the year, but to extend a simple “thank you” to those who make it all work that much better.

You’ll likely find that the encouragement found in a sincere “thank you,” presented with a Barnes & Noble gift card, will go a long way toward keeping that business essential of customer service strong all year. 

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