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Co-Branding and Customization to Make Your Reward Stick Out

Now is a good time to start thinking about strengthening your brand when you reward the people who work for you or your customers for their loyalty or perhaps even your suppliers.

That’s why we offer customized Visa and American Express Reward Cards that are personalized just for you.

Whether you want your reward cards to reflect your basic brand identity or you want to tie in a specific marketing program we can do that.

You can strengthen the goals of a company-wide employee incentive program by branding the goals on personalized cards. You can use smaller denomination cards as interim incentives and increase the amounts as people near the goal.

On the customer side, remind your most loyal ones with an unexpected Visa or American Express Reward Card that constantly reminds them of you.

There are a number of occasions when you might issue reward cards – for both customers and employees:

  • the customer’s anniversary of signing up for your loyalty program
  • a special event in their life such as their birthday or work anniversary
  • achieving (or especially exceeding) an employee goal or benchmark (which could include sales, customer satisfaction or health-and-wellness)
  • reaching a financial goal such as purchasing $X during a specific timeframe, or ordering X products

In addition to the Visa Reward Card itself, we can customize the greeting card, letter or other announcement that accompanies the card – so together they continue to strengthen your brand identity.

And, we can provide direct shipment to you or specific recipients.

Whether you’re looking for a physical American Express® card or a virtual Visa® reward card, NGC can offer you a multitude of options to achieve your program’s objectives and make sure your cards get into the hands of your employees and customers.

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