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5 Steps to Get Your Gift Card Program through the Holiday Season

5 Steps to Get Your Gift Card Program through the Holiday Season with NGC
By Samantha Goldstein and Eric Thiegs

1. Have you orders ready to go early and place your orders often.

During the holiday season it is easy to get bogged down with other tasks that might come up. We recommend putting together a calendar of when you want to place your orders. If you know that you regularly need to order gift cards every 2 weeks, then create a reminder in your calendar to alert you to place your order.

If you order through NGC's online-ordering portal, ngcdirect, be sure to mark the cards you order on a regular basis as "Favorites" so you can easily access them to place your order. These tips will help to eliminate the last minute, panicked rush orders.

2. Look for a partner that offers a one-stop shop for all of your gift card brands and denominations.

Looking for those hard to find brands to reward your employees? Or maybe you're looking for a holiday themed gift card reward like a Butterball Turkey certificate? The grocery store has limited resources to carry a wide selection of brands. Instead, explore ordering through ngcdirect, our corporate ordering portal.

We offer more than 200 brands across a dozen categories - luxury, dining, retail, gas, apparel, big box, electronics, music and more! We also carry a wide range of denominations. There is a brand for everyone whether it be for a recognition program or a mobile application reward program. NGC can supply gift cards to businesses for all of your gift card program needs and objectives. We also offer more than 130 Canadian gift card brands for your recipients residing in Canada.

3. Looking for large quantities of gift cards? Don't wait in line at the grocery store.

During the holiday season, you'll be lucky to find a store that will have more than 10 gift cards in stock for any particular brand. What happens if you need to buy 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000 or even 10,000 cards for your employees, staff or company? Regardless of the order size, and with no minimums, National Gift Card's corporate gift card solutions can accommodate gift card purchases of any size through our bulk gift card ordering portal. Or have NGC ship the cards directly to your recipients on your behalf and you never have to touch a card!

4. Have a list of people you need to send gift cards to? Use a fulfillment partner to send them on your behalf quickly instead of doing it yourself.

NGC can easily drop ship one gift card or thousands of gift cards to a list of recipients so you can save yourself from the multiple paper cuts you would receive from printing carriers, stuffing envelopes and licking postage stamps.

Take the worry off of yourself and your employees. All you have to do is send us the letter you would like your employee, customer or member to receive, the list of your recipients and their choice of gift cards or eGift cards and we can handle the rest!

5. Make your recipients happy and allow them to choose the gift card they want to receive.

Allowing your recipients to pick the gift card or eGift card they want is easy. Our redemption program ngcrewards gives recipients the freedom to choose their gift card and have it mailed directly to them or their eGift card which they can receive instantly. All you have to do is send them their unique code that they can redeem at www.ngcrewards.com and once they redeem it, NGC sends the card, the personalized carrier and your message.

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