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Administrative Professionals Day - April 27th

There are a few things that simply "ought not" be forgotten.  In fact, when it comes to recognizing Administrative Professionals Day, an event that comes around every year at about the same time - there really is no excuse.

This year, Wednesday, April 27 is that "one day" to make sure you do something special.  It could be with a gift card from Target or Macy's or Land's End (what a nice "thank you" that would be!)  Why not all of the above?

After all, these are the people who keep your business humming along and know just how you like things done.  For these reasons alone (and you know there are lots of details that you often take for granted as being taken care of), the Administrative Professionals in your life deserve to be recognized.

This isn't something that is a duty.  It's a privilege, just knowing that you are freed up from stressing about all those details.  Knowing that these very special people in your business life have you "covered" in all kinds of situations, even at times you weren't even aware they did so, is priceless.  A National Gift Card expression of thanks from Target, Macy's or Land's End will go a long way toward keeping some of the most important people in your life smiling.

Don't trust your memory to remember that one day - there's even a full week set aside for Administrative Professionals (this year it's April 24-30).  One thing is certain: the people in your life who make all those details seem "easy" have already noted these dates on their calendar.

Don't forget to acknowledge them!

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