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It's Time for "Thanks Giving"

As Thanksgiving approaches, many of us begin individually thinking about ways that we can express our own thanks. It’s also a good time for employers to join in the giving spirit and show appreciation to their employees at the same time.

Doing so with a National Gift Card gift card from Charity Choice, an organization that helps facilitate donations to an employee’s chosen charity. Under the program, you may designate funds for up to three charities from an online list of more than 250 major charities and many local causes, totaling over 1000 in all. Recipients simply follow the easy instructions on the back of the card to donate the funds.

In a season where the very “name of the day” evokes reasons for thankfulness, expressing those feelings through a gift card that works in a uniquely thoughtful way and allows employees to leverage their own connections to various charities is sure to give your company a boost.

What happens as a result is the creation of a “virtuous cycle” of thankfulness, making a real difference to the employees as well as the charitable organizations they select.

It’s a great way to say “thank you”—as the season of gift giving begins.

This year consider a gift card from Charity Choice to start making a real difference in the world around you as you express your own thankfulness.

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