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Thanksgiving is the Perfect Time to Express Thanks

The spirit of giving and helping others is never on display better than at this time of year, as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Besides spending time with family and enjoying the bounty of life, it is also a wonderful time to express our thanks in many different ways.

As employers look for ways to assist people and needy organizations this time of year, employees have an excellent opportunity to join in the giving spirit.

There’s no better way than trying out an NGC gift card for your employees using the CharityChoice program, an organization that helps facilitate donations to an employee’s chosen charity.

With this program, employees can designate funds to as many as three different charities from an online list of more than 250 major charities and numerous local causes, totaling over 1,000 options in all. To donate the funds, recipients simply follow the easy instructions on the back of the card.

This simple act of kindness truly reflects what Thanksgiving is all about. During a hectic season where we are all challenged to take time needed to celebrate and give thanks, keep it simple and allow employees to express their own goodwill even as they join together in a company-wide effort to give to those in need.

Studies show there are very real benefits to giving to charities. They include feeling pleasure and joy knowing that we are helping others, finding meaning to one’s life, promoting generosity across companies and families, motivating others and even improving our own approach to how we manage money.

Make a real difference to employees as well as the charitable organizations they select with a special gift card from NGC’s partners at CharityChoice.

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