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Technology Is Driving Redemption & Recipient Preferences at NGC

Progress is a funny thing.  What makes doing business in an age of smartphones and "always on" connectivity so interesting (and challenging of course) is that the opportunities to delight customers take so many different forms.

For the business we've come to embrace on behalf of our customers, many of the top retail and consumer-facing organizations on the planet (some 450 global brands in all), we've developed a system that drives satisfaction, convenience and repeat business every single day of the week.

One of the most exciting things about our business has been our continuing ability to shift in a way that has our clients able to provide their own customers with the right solution when it comes to gift cards.

Certainly, we've built out the infrastructure to manufacture and distribute gift card solutions using technology that has scaled with the tremendous growth of the industry. But we've also been very successful when it comes to the digital e-card infrastructure that so many of our customers tell us is at least partially responsible for growing deep roots in their customer relationships.

Our digital API interface - the Application Program Interface that is key to our innovation - is the technology that continues to keep up with what the end customer has come to expect.

What we continue to keep in mind is that our customers remain obsessively --and in a good way-- committed to bringing the kind of innovation that can only increase their own levels of customer satisfaction.

At the same time, we recognize that the people who buy and redeem gift cards have different preferences.  Some like having that physical card in hand; others prefer a digital card that they can download to their smartphone.

And both are right!

Which is why we continue to focus on the enabling technology that embraces those choices.  That, in essence, will continue to drive innovation, something National Gift Card is absolutely committed to delivering on behalf of a growing list of clients that demand nothing less.

NGC President, Eric Thiegs recently gave a presentation on this topic at the IMA Summit in Houston, Texas.

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