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“NGC delivers high-demand products to our survey participants. They've helped us increase response rates, and reduce our company’s workload by handling gift card fulfillment for us. NGC gives us the flexibility to mix and match denominations, card types, quantities, and delivery method–all with no minimum purchase so that we can tailor each order to fit every survey’s need.”

- Research Incentive Manager

Gift cards are the best way to encourage survey participation—especially when they’re sent to recipients within seconds of completion. Choose gift cards from over 300 international brands—like SUBWAY®, iTunes, & Visa®—or let the participants choose their own with ngcrewards. Use our Gift Card API to send as many mobile-friendly eGift Cards as you want or get over 100,000 plastic gift cards shipped to you in a day. We partner with some of the biggest research companies in the world to power their survey rewards.

Survey Rewards Solutions

Solutions Anchor: Our customers love these solutions for managing effective survey rewards programs.

  • Mobile Survey Rewards - Send eGift cards seconds after a user completes your survey for instant gratification. Our Gift Card API makes it easy to send unlimited survey rewards as eGift cards that participants can redeem on their mobile devices.
  • Co-Branded Bulk Fulfillment - Want to send Visa® and American Express® reward cards in branded packaging? Need 10,000 iTunes plastic gift cards? 75,000 in specific, varying denominations? There is no minimum order and we’ll deliver the gift cards to you or directly to your recipients.
  • Custom ngcrewards - Keep your survey participants anonymous and give them the power to choose their own survey rewards—we’ll ship the gift cards directly to your recipients via first class mail or email.

Deliver survey rewards that your participants love so that they keep coming back to give you the data you need. Give us a call or fill out the contact form on the page and we can help you find the best survey reward solutions.

Contact us today and ask about the gift card solution that’s right for you.

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