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Time for Some Summer Fun!

Summertime is here at last, and there is great hope for some easy living, a chance to get outside and enjoy the world around us. Well, at least that is our hope during this ongoing challenge surrounding the world-wide pandemic.

As many places slowly open up, there are lots of great ideas on what we can do to be outside together or alone. Many activities can be enjoyed under social distancing guidelines where you live, work or play. So, we thought it might be fun to share some tried and true ideas, as well as some new things that you, your families and even your employee teams can do together.

If you like to cook, it's certainly BBQ season, but beyond that why not host a homemade ice cream making party for a small group, or go strawberry picking at a local farm and make homemade strawberry popsicles!

Everyone loves a picnic, so that's bound to be at the top of any summer list, but if you also want to get some exercise, now is a great time to take a stroll through a sunflower field, walk along the beach or find a gentle trail through the meadows and woods of a nearby park.

At home you can plant a garden, do some landscaping or finally move ahead with that outdoor project you've been talking about for ages now.

Family bike rides through the neighborhood or to a nearby park can be a fun time together, as well as an overnight campout in the backyard.

For a quiet time, why not catch a sunrise or sunset with friends or family.

No matter what you do, as we slowly regain some level of normalcy in our choice of outdoor activities, the team at NGC is here to help make activities interesting and easy, as well as help connect people with adventure and something fun through our dynamic and flexible gift card options.

Giving your remote teams a way to support local businesses or national operations like Target and Walmart will help get the summertime creative juices following in a great way. Whatever options you can think of, NGC can help make it happen.

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