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Is that a computer in your pocket?

You’re probably carrying more computing power in the smartphone in your pocket or purse than was used during the entire Apollo space program – including five IBM mainframes (the ones that took up entire rooms) as well as the primitive computers on board the rockets and command modules. In fact, Google says just one query by one user takes up that much.

When you stop – or maybe just slow down – to think about it, technology has radically changed the way we do business. We can hold virtual meetings (avoiding jet lag and middle-seat issues) with co-workers or suppliers around the globe so we can read body language in high definition with no emoticons required. We can store the entire contents of our offices in the cloud and access them from anywhere (including from home, great seats along the third-base line or in the middle of a sales call) at a finger-swipe.

Why spend time going to the grocery store, when you can simply order your gift cards and eGift cards through an online-ordering portal. More than 50% of small businesses go to the grocery store or other local retailers to purchase gift cards, not realizing that online portals like ngcdirect can take an order 24/7 and cards can be shipped directly to your desk.

When it comes to using gift cards or eGift Cards to reward or incentivize employees or customers, ngcdirect (https://www.ngcdirect.com) becomes another tool in your high-tech toolbox. Once you’re signed up, you can order gift cards, eGift Cards in bulk, deliver specific cards electronically to specific individuals or teams, order multiple denominations, check your order status – in short, do whatever you need to do with all that computing power in your pocket.

More than 81% of small businesses who order cards through a B2B service (like NGC), prefer to order via a self-serve online portal.

Small Business Week reminds us that we were once a smaller business not all that long ago. We know about long hours (we still do those!) and about a commitment, some say a drive, to growing bigger. But, we also know to continue to be successful we still must maintain a workable work-life balance. And that’s where technology comes in. Take a look at this video to get started:


Source: Incentive Gift Card Council and Incentive Research Foundation, “B2B Gift Card Market Study”, June 2014.

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