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Green is the new Green

New lyrics (sung in a Froggy tenor): “It’s much easier being Green… “

Yes, we know Kermit The Frog was really talking about being physically green but so many people have extended that meaning to being “green” in an ecological sense that we thought we’d just give up and change our version of the lyrics to fit that reality.

Because it is much easier to be “green” these days – particularly when it comes to the management of your gift card program.

Whether you’re using gift cards for employee rewards, customer rewards, incentive programs, a combination of the two or something else entirely, our eGift Card program lets you, even encourages you, to be green.

Using ngcdirect lets you avoid almost all “paperwork” because almost everything – from ordering to delivery to payment – can be done electronically. No trees will be harmed in the execution of your program.

We’ve heard of smaller businesses trying to run a gift card program by sending an intern to the local grocery store to buy hands full of branded gift cards. Now that’s so un-green it’s amazing. It’s not a productive use of the intern’s time, it’s an unnecessary use of gas and that’s not to mention (though we certainly will) the cost of stuffing, addressing and postage to mail those cards.

Those are the reasons we have the ngceCodes program. None of those apply – nor should they!

Plus you can easily select from more than 100 eGift card closed-loop brands and Visa® Virtual Reward Cards.

If you’re a small business that wants to get bigger we have suggestions for you. You can start by watching this very green video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfjpyUKfV80&feature=youtu.be

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