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Quick! When’s the last time you checked your phone?

A minute ago? Five minutes? This morning? Last week?

The pace of business – particularly small business – is becoming generational. If everyone in your workforce is under 40, then the chances are that their answer to the phone-checking question would be one of the first two. “This morning” is so last month and “last week” is practically in the dark ages.

All this is to point out that if you’re planning on, or currently running, an employee recognition program you ought to consider our eGift cards. They fit right in with phone-checking measured in nano-seconds. You can send them to winning teams as soon as their goal is met. You can send them to outstanding individual performers faster than a high-five. All it takes is our API and you’re in business.

About 16% of small businesses use eGift cards in their programs and that percentage increases the larger the business.

But don’t forget your troops who only check their phones occasionally – like when they need to make or answer a call. We still offer ways of rewarding them with physical plastic Gift Cards.

Actually, according to recent research, the various levels of phone-checkers have a lot more in common than the media types would have you believe. It seems they all like to work on challenging projects (and like to be rewarded when they’re successful); they want competitive compensation; they want opportunities for advancement and chances to learn and grow; they want to be fairly treated; and, they want to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

It’s all good.

Our eGift Cards come in a variety of denominations and can be used with most of our more than 300 branded partners.

There’s a lot of information about a variety of options elsewhere on our new site, and a YouTube video to start you off – but put your phone on stun so you’re not distracted:


Source: Incentive Gift Card Council and Incentive Research Foundation, “B2B Gift Card Market Study”, June 2014.

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