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Get Ready for National Small Business Week, May 5 - 11

During National Small Business Week (which begins May 5, 2019), it’s just a natural fit to focus on how this key segment of our economy is an essential engine both for growth and sustainability.

Ask yourself: Who in your network deserves a shout out when it comes to recognizing the positive impact that small businesses create in your area and beyond?

By leveraging the power of recognition through events like National Small Business Week and doing so with a gift card from National Gift Card and Bath and Body Works, even this small gesture of appreciation for what your favorite small business owner does is sure to make a favorable impression.

Tying your company (or yourself) to this event could be one of the key touch points that will ultimately come back to deliver a sense of gratitude on the part of the recipients.

Yes, we give not to receive but for the satisfaction that comes from the act of generosity.

But “returns on investment” are also a business reality and National Gift Card and Bath and Body Works can become a real touch point for connecting through National Small Business Week. It’s a positive expression that is bound to stick in the mind of those on the receiving end.

Our advice: Have fun with this and watch what happens!

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