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NGC + iTunes Are Perfect for Small Business Week 

As National Small Business Week (May 5-12) continues to unfold, the opportunities to align your company’s vision and culture with an innovative, flexible and highly impactful gift card campaign are virtually unlimited with the help of National Gift Card and iTunes.

How are you choosing to take advantage of this natural connection with the entrepreneurs in your area? May we suggest that whatever form your recognition takes, an iTunes gift card through National Gift Card is one that virtually everyone—employees and customers included—will welcome.

Fact is, the strength of our economy is linked to the health of the small business community, and that’s just one reason that National Small Business Week exists.

Excitement for your business begins to take shape as you connect with the community of passionate entrepreneurs and employees who share the same spirit of innovation and growth creation. What better way to bring that idea home than with a gift card from National Gift Card and iTunes?

Come on…. Let’s make some magic happen!

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