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Celebrate National Small Business Week in Style

As National Small Business Week takes shape in your slice of the country, the good news is that there is no shortage of ideas ready for you to consider, any one of which can help you leverage the impact the May 5-12 event can have on your organization.

Here’s just one idea: a special gathering of customers or suppliers in recognition of National Small Business Week.

One more initiative for you to leverage just for such an event would be a highly flexible and impactful gift card campaign from National Gift Card and Aerospostale. Imagine the smiles that will follow when you present a gift card to those who gather in celebration of National Small Business Week.

And, even if you choose another path to celebrate the impact of the entrepreneurs around you, a gift card from National Gift Card and Aeropostale can provide a highly leveraged opportunity to drive value—any time.

Let’s get started and see how the magic comes together around National Small Business Week. Great things are about to happen!

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