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Safety Incentive Programs

We have safety program ideas and gift card services that encourage people to stay safe at any scale—from global manufacturing operations to fulfillment centers and local contractors. Want to reward the whole crew for going a month without any injuries? You can pick the rewards or let them choose. Having trouble getting people to participate in online safety training? Send them eGift cards they can use on their mobile devices right away and see how engagement improves.

Safety Incentive Program Solutions

Solutions Anchor: These are our customers’ favorite ways to reward safety at their companies.

  • Custom ngcrewards - Let people choose their own safety rewards with gift cards and egift cards from over 250 brands—like Home Depot, Sheetz, & AutoZone—and we’ll manage gift card inventory and fulfillment for you—sending gift cards via first class mail or email.
  • Bulk Gift Card Fulfillment - Whether you want a few Lowe’s gift cards around so that you don’t have to run to the store for spot rewards or need 100,000 plastic gift cards, we’ve got you covered—there’s no minimum order. If you need it, our 52,000 ft2 fulfillment facility can handle it.
  • Gift Card API - Instantly reward people for completing safety trainings or other milestones with eGift cards sent via email. Our API lets you send as many safety rewards as you need—including prepaid Visa® & GameStop gift cards—rewarding safety instantly and allowing mobile users to shop right away.

Need ideas about how to power your safety incentive programs with gift cards? We’d love to share. Give us a call or fill out the contact form and we’ll help you figure out how to incentivize workers to stay safe in their work environment.

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