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Quick, Easy, Convenient...In Time for Small Business Week

Everyone loves celebrating and this year's National Small Business Week, April 30 to May 6, 2017, is a great reason to do so.

Just considering the impact that the nation's small business brings to the economy is reason enough, but we think taking the time to be intentional about expressing gratitude to a company that's helping energize the world around us is something that will pay dividends throughout the year.

A great way—and one that will help you leverage the time you invest—is the purchase of a gift card from National Gift Card.

And if you're thinking—"I don't have time to go to a store and sift through stacks of gift cards"—we have good news to share.

With today's e-cards becoming a popular choice among those in the know, it's easier than ever to make this a painless process that delivers great results. Just go online—https://www.ngc-group.com/ to get started—and you'll see all the options. In addition to convenience, there is no minimum order requirement.

One of our favorite choices when it comes to gift cards is Nordstrom, known for its legendary customer service. A gift card with that brand emblazoned is bound to create a level of excitement that would be hard to match.

As an expression of your thanks and appreciation for the impact of a small business in your neighborhood, a gift card can go a long way to making this year's National Small Business Week a memorable one.

Have fun with it!

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