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Remind Nursing Assistants of Their Importance, June 15th - 22nd

When it comes to expressing gratitude, it's sometimes the people who provide what might otherwise be referred to as "thankless" service who truly deserve our attention.

With the upcoming National Nursing Assistants Week on the calendar (June 15-22, 2017), there couldn't be a better time to consider that group of health care workers, described by the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants (www.cna-network.org) as specialists in the art of caring."

An acknowledgement or expression of gratitude can obviously take many forms, including a friendly smile, a phone call, or even a note.  But another tangible--and welcome--expression could come in the form of a gift card from National Gift Card and Spafinder Wellness 365, good at thousands of locations in the U.S.

Whether it's a simple "thank you for your service" or a motivational gesture to "keep up the good work," a gift card is a great way of reminding the people who provide the hands-on assistance and caring for our elder and disabled citizens that their commitment to quality care is noticed and appreciated.

We suggest taking the time to remind the individuals you know - or take the opportunity to get to know someone in that role - that his/her personal service is key to making the world a more comfortable place, especially for those who need assistance.

The people who serve in the health care role are, of course, indispensable. A gift card from National Gift Card and Spafinder Wellness 365 would be a great start in making them know how very important they are.

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