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Meet Pat Doczi - Director of North American Operations

Pat Doczi, who became Director of North American Operations with National Gift Card in January 2017, spends his day making sure the people who interact with NGC clients have the tools they need to do their jobs. That means doing what’s needed on both a reactive and proactive basis to keep the NGC ship sailing smoothly, regardless of the weather.

In his years with NGC, Pat gets his energy from seeing how employees embrace a “can do” attitude. “It’s fun to see everyone, no matter what their title is, working together to ensure that NGC delivers a high-quality service,” he notes.

One exceptional--but not unusual--example of a customer opportunity that Pat would like to see more of was one where NGC was asked to deliver a custom gift card with a unique referral code on it.

“The recipient was able to redeem the referral code for another gift card if they referred a friend to our customer’s business,” says Pat, who was previously the supervisor of NGC’s Activations Department. “We pride ourselves in being able to problem solve and brainstorm new fulfillment opportunities with our clients and vendors.”

Aside from specific examples of seeing a “job well done,” Pat says he personally enjoys getting to focus on the right attitude and innovating in a business that can benefit from what he does on a daily basis.

“Each day I witness new ways to use gift cards, whether it be in rebate, rewards, health and wellness, or employee recognition programs. Gift cards are a fun way to reward or incentivize someone. Who doesn’t love receiving a gift card?”

When he’s not working hard to coach his business team, the graduate of Southern Illinois University Carbondale is likely to be attending a Chicago sporting event or concert or, even more likely, coaching his travel basketball team and encouraging them to be as good as they can possibly be.

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