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Making Sure Rewards Choices Stay Fresh is Key to Success

“In looking at the rewards end of recognition as a tool, the best rewards depend on the individual” so the best approach is to create choices designed to achieve success, says Eric Thiegs, president of National Gift Card, as quoted in the July/August 2018 issue of Premium Incentive Products, a trade publication.

Even more basic to which rewards become part of a company’s program is the conscious decision to focus on what the individual considers more attractive, said Thiegs.

“The big four tools utilized and built into programs are travel, merchandise, experiential and gift cards, and members in recognition programs can earn one or several of these,” he notes.

The latest industry research has been pointing to gift cards as a universal tool for recognition that can appeal to a nearly infinite range of lifestyle, stage of life and generational preferences.

Thiegs, recognized as a key industry expert by author Rick Dandes in the “Make an Impact: Why Recognition is Important … Today,” also cautioned readers against building a program that has a ceiling or rewards that no longer appeal to a majority of those participating.

“If there’s a point at which your most engaged, loyal and dedicated member can no longer earn rewards or recognition, you’ve created a barrier and a limit that may push your most active users away. Frankly, your program will become boring, or it may feel like you don’t care about that member’s loyalty as you have nothing for them to stay engaged.” Thiegs explained.

The lesson offered, said Thiegs of NGC, is to “keep your program evolving, adding new rewards, gates or milestones to earn them.”

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