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Inspire Healthy Habits - National Employee Health & Fitness Day is May 17th

Celebrated on the third Wednesday in May, National Employee Health & Fitness Day is a great opportunity to encourage your co-workers in one of the most significant ways to generate better health and even help people live longer.

By adding a gift card component to your celebrations, especially when partnering with fitness-friendly brands like Nike and Under Armour, you can leverage the impact of this day even further.

Here are some additional ideas to provide fuel to your employee health and fitness fire:

  • Look for ways to help employees better measure and track their fitness levels, perhaps with a contest or even by coordinating lunch hour activities such as walking or running group.
  • Consider offering off-site fitness center discounts if you don't already have  a facility at your workplace.
  • Encourage employees to engage in team sports.
  • Organize "step by step" challenges to keep things fun and interesting.
  • Look for ways to partner with community fitness groups to leverage the positive impact at your workplace.

In addition to the gift card idea from National Gift Card - the obvious tie in to health and fitness brands like Under Armour and Nike - don't shy away from innovating.  Idea that worth trying aren't necessarily ones that will "stick" over the long run, but the people you work with and motivate to take action will appreciate the creativity that goes into celebrating National Employee Health & Fitness Day.

And above all, have fun with it!

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