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Gift Cards for Contests & Incentives

Choice, Immediacy Are Key for Contests and Incentives

When it comes to workplace and patron contests or rewarding your employees' exceptional effort, gift cards provide a flexible, sure-to-please option.

Experts agree, if you are still using special dinners and employees of the year awards as your primary means of recognition, you are behind the times and may even be doing more harm than good.  Modern programs need to offer immediate rewards and choice in our fast-paced culture.  And whether your employees enjoy outdoor or indoor activities, National Gift Card has you covered with brands like Bass Pro Shops, Starbucks, Regal Entertainment Group and Lowe's.

Sales and marketing professionals have used contests for years to improve productivity.  Cash rewards or even vacation cruises have historically been used as motivational tools.  A recent Inc.com article suggests contests should be used strategically throughout the year, create multiple ways to "win" and feature creative prizes.

As it turns out, employees like smaller, practical gifts as much as luxury items.  So that Starbucks gift card, which can be redeemed at more than 9,000 locations across the United States and Canada, will be appreciated day after day.

Contests need not be limited to employees, either.  A tiered approach can both spark initial interest and maintain that interest by offering greater and greater incentives for returning patrons.  The key is to offer gift cards to stores that carry items at a range of different price points.

Plus, if they choose, your patrons can save gift cards over time to buy that big ticket item they've been wanting, further holding their interest in a long-term program.  So that Bass Pro Shop fishing boat or camping equipment isn't out of reach after all.

Gift cards are also excellent for spot awards.  Managers at a Detroit automaker, for example, are empowered to give spot gift card awards up to $100 to employees who go above and beyond.

Regal Entertainment Group and Lowe's gift cards make excellent spot awards.  Employees can enjoy the latest movie of their choice with a Regal gift card at Regal Cinemas, United Artists or Edwards Theaters.  That's more than 500 theaters in 37 state and the District of  Columbia.

As for Lowe's, employees will find everything from cutting edge gadgets and tools to practical housewarming gifts and workshop essentials.  The Lowe's gift card also has no expiration, no fee and is good towards purchases at over 1,700 stores nationwide.

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