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Household Holiday Prep & Lowe's Gift Cards = A Winning Approach

Every year we promise ourselves that we'll do a better job - or at least try - when it comes to getting ready for the holidays.  Note to self: this is that time.

Thankfully, the resources available for turning "should have done" into "got it done" are more extensive and accessible than ever.

A good place to start is by helping your employees make some progress on this perennial "got to do better" aspiration - the painting, home repairs and seemingly endless preparations for holiday entertaining.

With help from National Gift Card and a Lowe's gift card, employees will be thrilled that you turned a thoughtful gesture of appreciation into a very practical way for them to get started on a household holiday task that will deliver lasting benefits.

Happy employees help build community in your workplace and focusing on helping with some of life's challenges is a great way to extend and build relationships that will endure past the workday.

And Lowe's, partnering with NGC, is a great place to begin a recognition/reward program that your employees will appreciate any time of year.

Happy prepping!