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Finding New (and Easy) Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Somehow, Christmas is one of those holidays that has a habit of sneaking up on us, even though we know - dare we say years ahead of time - that it's coming (and yes, we'll try to do better at our gift planning next year).

Still, there are options to make gift giving even more convenient than ever, and one of those that's becoming increasingly popular is the gift card.

National Gift Card is a popular choice for many businesses choosing to cater to consumer choice, with one notable way being Lettuce Entertain You, a group of restaurants with locations in Chicago, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Washington D.C.; Scottsdale, Santa Monica, and Milwaukee.

Convenience around the holiday giving means taking a close look at the gift card as one of the most preferred choices among a growing slice of the market - which is just one reason why Lettuce Entertain You has partnered with National Gift Card.

It couldn't be easier - and more enjoyable - for both the gift giver and those who are on the receiving end. Choice and convenience - a winning combination anytime!

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