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NGC Helps Meet Essential Needs Through Great American Brands

Challenging times call for creativity, hard work and a focus on what is important.

Over these past weeks our country has faced a crisis unlike anything we have ever seen before. This crisis impacts all levels of our society, from the health community to many small (and large) businesses struggling through unheard of economic impact.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and as an ‘essential business’ operating during this period, we have made it a mission to find additional ways to help. Now more than ever, everyone is striving to focus on meeting needs, offering solutions and celebrating the good things coming out these challenges.

In response, NGC has created a gift card initiative called “Essential Brands During Challenging Times.” While we remain open to help our clients and end consumers affected by COVID-19, we have developed a gift card offering tailored for companies, individuals and the broader community in need.

Whether supporting a great cause, like our frontline heroes in hospitals and nursing centers, or rewarding and sending a thank you to those who help the economy continue moving ahead, NGC’s Essential Brands selection of gift cards provides ways for employer’s to help augment worker’s income and consumers to shop in a dozen different ways using brands that can assist a family’s bottom line.

Thanks to our merchant brand partners, recipients of your generosity will be able to shop for essential things like groceries, food or dining delivery, home supplies and much more. And with VISA and American Express the options are endless.

NGC’s Essential Brand partners include Amazon, American Express, Albertsons, Blue Apron, Grub Hub, Kroger, Safeway, Seamless, Target, Uber Eats, Visa, Walmart, and more.

Together we can work through this challenging year and help one another in all of our organizations, in all of our communities and across the entire country. Face the challenges head-on, and let us do what we can to help you help others.

For details on how to order from NGC’s Essential Brands gift card offering, please create an online ordering account at NGCdirect, or contact us at 888-472-8747 and j.gross@ngc-group.com

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