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Employee Recognition Can Help Your Business Succeed

Everyone intuitively wants to be recognized. For employees of a traditional small business enterprise, that may be particularly significant given the fact that a relatively small number of individuals are very likely to be the key to the success of that business.

As we take the time to celebrate National Small Business Week in the U.S. (May 1-7), it’s worth considering just how important recognition programs can be in terms of the traditional “contract” a business has with those who work side-by-side in the enterprise.

The reality is that pay and benefits are just part of what motivates a typical employee. What’s also key to the equation is having a sense of fairness, especially the perception of fairness (which every business leader must deliver). In short, employees want to be valued and appreciated for their efforts.

Among the “list” of reasons to recognize those who work in a business, length of service may be a natural category, but there are also things like specific achievements that contribute to a firm’s ongoing success and may be deserving of recognition.

The “how” to recognize is also an important consideration, and an NGC gift card from retailers like Barnes & Noble or L.L. Bean may just fit the bill, especially considering the choices those two represent.

Why take recognition so seriously?

One reason, and we’re speaking to the self-interest of the small business owner here, is that it works. Evidence shows that there is a strong link between recognition and reward programs and improved job performance.

Organizations consistently voted as “great places to work” are typically those that recognize and value outstanding work. They not only tell employees that they’re doing a great job, but demonstrate that through tangible expressions of gratitude like gift cards.

Again, retailers like Barnes & Noble or L.L. Bean, represent great choices for a small business looking for versatile, flexible reward choices.

Finally, make sure your recognition program speaks to the values of your organization. Is the tangible expression of recognition consistent with your values as a small business?

Within that broad guideline, there are lots of great choices. Have some fun with it and watch what happens when you take the leap!

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