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Driving Change through Improved Fitness in the Workplace

Getting and staying fit might seem to be an obvious goal for any organization where people play a significant role, but setting aside a day to draw attention to this natural goal is nonetheless a good idea - hence National Employee Health and Fitness Day, which is celebrated on the third Wednesday of May.

This year, that's May 18, and while that specific day shouldn't be the limiting factor, it is a perfect opportunity for reminding employees that you support their health and welfare.

Gift cards from Sports Authority and Foot Locker are certainly great options for you to consider as a starting point.

But so are any "reminders" on the importance of health and fitness activities; something that great organizations, yours included, find worthwhile to support and encourage employees to stay fit.

National Gift Card makes it easy for your company to support individual efforts, any one of which can become habits with a little perseverance and positive attitude.  A tangible expression of that - those gift card "opportunities" through Sports Authority and Foot Locker for instance - can go a long way toward doing just that.

You could also extend the effort to workplace communities by reaching out to the local organizations with the idea of supporting any efforts that may be underway.  Remember, it's the idea - supported by the effort - that will drive change in your community.

Being front and center when it comes to taking the initiative to support a worthwhile cause like National Employee Health & Fitness Day, you'll be taking at least one step forward to a better future for the people on your team.  And that's bound to make the kind of difference that drives change on a daily basis.

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