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Customer Service Week Spotlights Everyday Heroes

Some might argue that EVERY week should be devoted to customer service, but there is one week that's been set aside to highlight the importance of the most basic of business objectives - serving the customers who make an enterprise sustainable.  The opportunity is, of course, Customer Service Week, and this year, that's October 3-7.

This year's theme is Everyday Heroes, which makes the point that a consistent, deliberate and ongoing commitment to the principles of great customer service contributes to a lasting positive impression and increased customer loyalty.  Indeed, those principles are, in their own way, heroic.

It's also a time for intentionally bringing attention to the relationship you're building with your customers.  One way to do this is to present a gift card redeemable at CVS Pharmacy, a retailer that is hard to beat when it comes to products that virtually every employee - those "Everyday Heroes" who make customer service come alive - will appreciate.

Customers are, of course, basic to the entire existence of any business and it's almost a part of human nature to forget just how important those relationships are in driving your success.  That becomes another reason for taking time, as part of Customer Service Week, to remind your own employees just how essential customer relationships are to your success.

A gift card from CVS Pharmacy is one of the best ways to make that happen and National Gift Card makes it easier than ever to bring that message home.

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