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Celebrate the Nurses in Our Lives on  May 6 - National Nurses Day

When it comes to “hands-on” healthcare, there may be no resource more visible--or important--than the nurses who serve, not only in hospitals, but in other care facilities as well.

While “just one day”--May 6 this year—obviously doesn’t “say it all” as far as our gratitude for the people who continue to dedicate their lives to service is concerned; if there’s a nurse making a difference in your organization, you’ll want to do something special to remind her/him just how important she/he continues to be.

A National Gift Card from Kohl’s or Red Door Spa may be just what it takes to underscore your commitment and thanks to those people who you know are indispensable to your organization.

At least one study of healthcare professionals (including nurses) showed that intrinsic rewards like gift cards are more highly valued than the motivation (as important as it can be) associated with helping others.

In other words, a tangible expression of gratitude can often make a big difference.

Nurses are an essential part of the healthcare sector and their ongoing role in providing health care support ought not to be taken for granted.

So get out there and celebrate the nurses in our lives! You’ll be investing in the future of your organization in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

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