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NGC is happy to offer Brinker International brands in our catalog. Brinker International has three nationwide restaurants that can please even the pickiest of eaters. Chili’s, Maggiano’s and On the Border.

Chili’s is a classic Tex-Mex mix of cuisine and family friendly sharables. Some fun facts about Chili’s include:

  • With 281 million guests served annually, Chili’s could feed the entire population of New York City 35 times in a year!
  • Chili’s annually sells 60.4 million pounds of fajita meat, a sum that is more than four times the weight of an average U.S. military submarine.
  • The number of burgers served every year could stretch across the 3,000 miles of the continental United States between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  • Chili’s serves 135,000 gallons of Presidente Margaritas® every year that is one gallon every 15 minutes for the entire year and enough to fill 13 swimming pools.
  • Chili’s serves guests 20,000 miles of the famous Baby Back Ribs every year, almost enough to wrap around the globe!

Maggiano’s Little Italy, Maggiano’s is the perfect place for family and friends to unite, with classic Italian cuisine and a family style atmosphere. Maggiano’s fun facts include:

  • To create the perfect ambience at every Maggiano’s, 2.1 million Frank Sinatra songs are played annually, enough to fill more than 1,000 iPods.
  • Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Maggiano’s is proud to serve 1.7 million guests, the same number of people returning presents every year after the holidays.
  • 7.5 million of Vera’s Lemons Cookies are homemade every year! If you placed every cookie side by side, there would be enough to equate 13 full marathons!
  • To add to the Italian eatery décor, fresh gladiolas are placed in the restaurants every day, enough to supply flowers for a thousand weddings.

If your program needs some taste, add in a Brinker card today! NGC offers digital and plastic denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100.

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