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Boxing Day in Canada, U.K. Are Now Times to Power Shop

Boxing Day’s gift giving traditions may have different roots in the United Kingdom and Canada but, in recent years, the holiday has taken on similar roles.

Shoppers in both countries now crowd malls and local stores seeking the best post-Christmas deals, much like “Black Friday” in America. In Canada, Boxing Day shopping could benefit from the use of gift cards from retailers like the Gap, Roots and Amazon.ca. National Gift Card can partner with your company to create a seamless program that fits your budget, is easy to administer and helps achieve your employee and patron gift giving objectives.

The exact origin of Boxing Day is unknown, with some saying it traces all the way back to the Roman Empire. Boxes of coins, perhaps collected to distribute to the poor, were found among the ruins of Pompeii. British monks and clergy carried on the tradition through the Middle Ages and, by the time of Queen Victoria in the 19th century, Boxing Day saw the upper classes give gifts of cash, food, clothing and other goods to the less fortunate.

The British now use the holiday for exchanging gifts at stores, buying reduced priced Christmas gifts, cards and decorations. Children traditionally spend their gift cards collected on Christmas Day.

In Canada, Boxing Day was traditionally a time for bosses to give employees gift boxes until recent years. Retailers’ celebration of the holiday now commonly starts before Christmas with deep discounts designed to spark spending.

The Gap is a great place for your patrons and employees to start their Boxing Day shopping. Wardrobe essentials like t-shirts, hoodies, great-fitting pants, or trendy tops can be found as well as accessories for men, women, boys, girls and baby.

Known for its leather goods, apparel and accessories, Roots is another fine retailer that can help set personal style. Its active, progressive style is popular with all ages. Roots gift cards can be used at Roots or 'roots 73 outlet' stores and at roots.com

Boxing Day online shopping is a growing trend, and what better place to do it than Amazon.ca? A huge selection of books, electronics, and music, are just a few of the categories where an Amazon.ca gift card can come in handy.

While some Boxing Day traditions may have changed, the theme has remained consistent: Giving to others. Let NGC.ca help you achieve that goal!

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