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Boost Employee Incentives/Rewards with Low Denomination Cards

It's no secret that gift cards are a popular choice for incentive and reward programs - both for program administrators and, especially, for gift card recipients.  According to the National Retail Federation, nearly 60 percent of shoppers enjoy receiving gift cards.

Organizations often give quarterly awards or yearly top achiever recognition in $25, $50 or even $100 gift card denominations.  But your program doesn't need to be limited to such typical mileposts, or even go big to be effective.  With inexpensive $1 and $5 gift cards from NGC, you can help drive engagement among a greater number of your employees or customers while keeping your program costs in line.  NGC offers more than two dozen $5 gift card options, from Starbucks, Panera Bread and Applebee's to Target, Walmart and Hallmark.  And, if extreme convenience matters, you can take advantage of eGift cards from iTunes, RedBox and Amazon.  In the $1 denomination, you can take advantage of NGC's eGifts cards like digital Visa or Amazon.

In addition to the pure enjoyment of receiving gift cards, the National Retail Federation tells us that fully 35 percent of recipients use their gift cards to buy a meal at a restaurant while another 20 percent will stop at a coffee shop - a perfect venue for redeeming a $5 gift card.

Recipient preference and administrative convenience are just two reasons for using lower denomination gifts.  From a program management perspective, $1 and $5 gift cards have additional advantages:

  • Engagement - Smaller denomination cards require fewer points, miles, cash back, or other loyalty currency in order to redeem them for a reward.  This allows program members to be engaged quicker than when points need to accumulate before redeeming.
  • Budget - Smaller denominations cost less to the overall program.
  • Point Burners - Lower denominations are great as point-burners for program administrators to reduce the accrual liability of points "on the books."
  • Reward Fillers - Consumers participating in a program can use the $1 or $5 gift cards to "top off" their points redemptions with added value options for gifting or self-use.
  • Versatility - These low denomination cards are easy and convenient for peer-to-peer recognition, too.

NGC makes running any incentive/reward program a one-stop operation.  Our specialty is partnering with you to create a seamless program that fits your budget, is easy to administer, and, most importantly, will help achieve your objectives.  With our exceptionally fast turnaround and professional staff, NGC is the premier provider of all types of gift card solutions.

Size doesn't matter, either.  NGC will meet your needs, whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees.  So if you need 100,000 plastic Amazon.com gift cards, we'll ship them to you in bulk.  Want eGift cards?  You can use our Gift Card API to send as many as you need right away.  No matter what your recognition program needs are, with NGC you get fast and accurate fulfillment - along with exceptional customer service.

Gift cards in $5 denominations are an excellent way to thank your employees, clients and customers without breaking the bank!

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